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Better than Vettel ?: Verstappen with a new record

Better than Vettel?
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W hen you put Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen in his formula 1 debut season, one remembers the times when Sebastian Vettel was still learning with the team from Faenza. The Dutchman has his Spanish team-mate Carlos Sainz under control. In the drivers' standings the score is 49:18.

Overtaking is possible, shows Verstappen

In Brazil, the 18-year-old vertical starter showed his talent once again. His overtaking maneuver against Force India driver Sergio Perez between turns 1 and 2 was one of the highlights of the race. His duels with Romain Grosjean and Felipe Nasr were also pure entertainment. When Felipe Massa was disqualified, he moved up to ninth place.

'The race was fun,' says the youngster. 'Of course I wanted to get more points, but that was all that was possible. We were slow on the straights and it is very difficult to defend our position against a Lotus or Force India. I had good overtaking maneuvers, especially at Turn 1, but I also got pressure from behind. '

Verstappen with new Toro Rosso record

With the good race Verstappen continues his streak of success at the end of the year. With the result in Interlagos, he scored points for the sixth time in a row. That's a new record in Toro Rosso history. With it he even overtook Vettel. The German made it into the top ten seven times in a row for the Italians in 2008, but back then there were only eight points.


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