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Best pictures Formula 1 2011: Fascination under tough conditions

Daniel Reinhard
The best pictures of the 2011 Formula 1 season
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Z at the turn of the year you have leisure. It is not the news or the statistics that count, but what makes Formula 1 so fascinating. This includes beautiful photos.

Life for photographers is getting more difficult every year. Most of the new tracks have no atmosphere. The background is either papered with billboards or kilometers of asphalt. One curve looks like the other. The drivers disappear into their motor homes or into the meeting room with their engineers. When they walk through the paddock, they hide behind dark sunglasses and sometimes under the sponsors' caps that are too big. Technology is increasingly being locked away. Most recently, the teams decided that no more photos of cars could be taken in the parc fermé. Ridiculous!

In the offices of Adrian Newey, Pat Fry, Paddy Lowe or Ross Brawn, detailed photos of competing products are piled up. Taken by the team photographers. As if a picture in the newspaper or on the Internet could reveal the great secret of the car.

It is the teams themselves that do least understand about marketing

The teams boast about better marketing and accuse Bernie Ecclestone of not doing anything about it. It is the teams themselves who know the least about marketing. They barrack their drivers and cars in the hope that the media will only show what they want to show. And that's next to nothing. This is how this sport trips itself. Television has right of way everywhere. It is an old media law that a printed picture is sometimes more than 1,000 words. Or a two-minute film that people have already forgotten after two hours.

The auto motor und sport photographers Daniel Reinhard and Wolfgang Wilhelm have burned the fascination of Formula 1 back to their hard drive despite difficult conditions. We have put together a selection of your best photos that have not yet made it into the notebooks or the homepage - because they were not up to date or simply too playful. Judge for yourself.


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