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Berger on Rosberg's World Cup chances: & # 34; Nico must win this title & # 34;

Berger on Rosberg's World Cup chances
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G erhard Berger had already planned Years ago known: 'This Nico Rosberg can one day become world champion.' At the GP Abu Dhabi, the 31-year-old German has the chance of a lifetime to meet this forecast. He is 12 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the World Cup final. In 86 out of 111 possible constellations, he is the 67th world champion in Formula 1 history on Sunday evening.

Rosberg only has to finish second or third. But there are already voices that he would then be an undeserved world champion. Gerhard Berger thinks this is nonsense: “In a few weeks there will be no more cocks crawling for it. World champion is world champion. That is the big goal. If second place is enough, then it should be fine with it. ”

Berger does not believe in the starting crash

The easiest way to solve the task would be a crash with Hamilton right away Begin. Berger doesn't believe in it: “Nico won't do that.” The objection that Berger's friend Ayrton Senna also practiced it in 1990 with Alain Prost does not apply to Berger: “These were special circumstances. Prost drove the Senna into the car the year before. ”The Austrian also warns:“ You have to get a number like that right. It must be ensured that the other person cannot continue driving under any circumstances. Otherwise you're really the idiot. ”

On the other hand, Berger can imagine that Hamilton will do everything in the case of an early lead to slow down the field so that Rosberg is driven into the clutches of Red Bill and Ferrari. But not because Hamilton is more ruthless in his actions than Rosberg: “Any driver would do that in Hamilton's situation. It is completely legitimate for him to pull out all the stops in such a situation to optimize his chances. '

Berger admits that Hamilton is psychologically in the easier position:' He has been world champion three times, has nothing left to lose in this race. It can only get better for him. Nico has to win this title. In Formula 1, you never know if you will ever get into a situation like this again. '


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