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Battery cheating? Protest against Ferrari in Monaco?

Further suspicions about battery cheating
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F errari is developing at the limit and moving in the gray areas of the regulations. Sometimes even above, the opponents insinuate. In the past two weeks, the FIA ​​has complained about several points on the car that do not comply with the rules or interpret technical directives too generously. Ferrari had to cut off protruding vertical flow straighteners at the front end of the underbody. So did the HaasF1 customer team, which again led the competition to suspect that Ferrari and HaasF1 are working closer together on aerodynamics than allowed.

could buy. Are these just the usual conspiracy theories or are you doing everything possible to prevent a scandal?

Mercedes insists on full clarification and told FIA President Jean Todt in Barcelona that quick answers are expected to all unanswered questions. “It cannot be that gray areas have been discussed for so long,” rumbles Niki Lauda. “Any race where nothing happens can be a losing race. The FIA ​​must clarify these open questions before the race in Monte Carlo. ”If nothing happens, a protest threatens. Mercedes won't get its own fingers dirty. We're guessing that one of the customer teams will start the protest. Because Force India and Williams have to fear that the same thing will happen in the drive units of HaasF1 and Sauber.


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