Bahrain: two-tier society in Formula 1?

Formula 1 balance of power 2010
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I n last season the fans were spoiled. Brawn GP and Red Bull rose like Phoenix from the ashes and ousted the top dogs McLaren and Ferrari from the top. A total of eight different teams made it onto the podium in 17 Grand Prix races. Only Williams (twice fourth) and Toro Rosso did not have a champagne shower in 2009.

At the moment everything looks like four teams will fight for the trophies this season. What had already been suggested in the test drives was confirmed in Bahrain. Ferrari , Red Bull , McLaren and Mercedes set the pace and were not allowed by the cars from the midfield beat. Logical consequence: ranks one to eight for the top favorites. So is the rest of the field always fighting for the remaining two points?

Who will be 'Best of the Rest'?

'That will probably be the case 'fears Willy Rampf, head of technology at Sauber . 'If you look at the pace, there is a small two-tier society. If nobody makes a mistake at the front, there are only two points left, which many cars are fighting over.' Unfortunately, errors are in short supply these days. The reliability is at an extremely high level.

In Bahrain, Sauber wasn't quick enough to finish in the top ten, as Rampf openly admits. Force India already had more to offer . Tonio Liuzzi was the first pursuer of the top teams in ninth place. 'That is also the declared goal for the season,' said Force India managing director Otmar Szafnauer after the race. 'Best often, he rest! More than fifth place in the team classification is probably not possible. But we definitely want to defend the place.'

Sutil and Kubica show good pace

Pilot Adrian Sutil does not see the balance of power as deadlocked. 'In the race I had the speed for sixth or seventh place,' said Gräfelfinger confidently. After hittingRobert Kubica was unable to convert the potential into a result. The second best race lap and the good qualifying pace seem to prove Sutil to be right. In Q2 he was able to leave prominent names like Jenson Button or Michael Schumacher behind. Kubica also remained under value in qualifying and, according to his own statement, only missed seventh place on the grid because he made a mistake on his lap.

On a fast lap, the midfield teams can certainly manage to surprise. However, the high pace of development at the top is likely to be a problem for the pursuers. With limited resources, it is hardly possible to keep up with Ferrari, McLaren and Co. The best opportunities for the underdogs are therefore at the start of the season.


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