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Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez: The first lap in Mexico City

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
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N after a break of 23 years, Mexico is back on the Formula 1 calendar . In 2015, we are looking for the successor to Nigel Mansell, who took home the last trophy from the land of the Mayas and Aztecs in 1992. The race is held today as it was then at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez a few kilometers east of the city center of the mega-metropolis.

Peraltada curve falls Conversion to the victim

Because the old route would have been far too dangerous by today's standards, the German F1 architect Hermann Tilke rebuilt and defused the course. While one lap at the last Grand Prix ran over 4.421 kilometers, the new layout now only covers 4.313 kilometers.

The renovation also made the famous Peraltada curve a victim. The fast, long right-hand bend before the home straight, which is reminiscent of the Parabolica bend in Monza, could no longer be saved. A busy street directly behind it prevented the creation of urgently needed run-off areas.

After the Formula 1 farewell in the 1990s, a huge baseball stadium was built within the Peraltada curve. The new layout no longer leads the pilots around the outside, but through the middle. A gap in the grandstands provides a connection to the old route. The cars are slowed down by means of a chicane in the stadium. So they stay in the field of vision of the fans for a long time.

The new track layout of the GP Mexico. The 1.2 kilometer long straight and the S-curves are clearly visible.

Simulation calculates top speed of 328 km /h

Some experts criticize thecompletely new passage as a Mickey Mouse course. But on the rest of the route things get down to business quickly. At the end of the 1.2-kilometer-long home straight, the simulations indicate that 328 km /h should be achieved. There are several good overtaking opportunities on one lap.

The legendary S-curves can also be found in the new layout. However, the quick changes of direction, which are reminiscent of Suzuka or Silverstone, are no longer as extreme and demanding as in previous years.

The unusual altitude of Mexico City - 2,285 meters above sea level - is also thanks the modern turbo-hybrid technology has lost some of its horror. Great losses in performance are not to be expected despite the lack of oxygen. However, the propulsion engineers have to adjust the engines specifically to the conditions. The thin air is also likely to have an effect on the aerodynamics.

First round of Mexico in the F1 2015 Game

A good two months before the Grand Prix weekend, the last construction work on the Route made. Due to the great interest of the spectators, the organizers decided to set up additional stands. Work also has to be done on furnishing the new pit building with 33 garages. Incidentally, the entire area covers 42 hectares - as much as 60 soccer fields.

How it should look when everything is finished is shown in the >> Video and in the Photo gallery. In the Playstation game F1 2015 we have already done the first laps from the cockpit perspective of Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari. Please forgive us - in the end, of course, the Silver Arrows win again here.


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