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Australian GP: Toro Rosso first silver-red pursuer

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D he knockout qualifying in Melbourne didn't know many winners . In addition to Mercedes, there was the greatest cheers in the Toro Rosso camp. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz sensationally placed their cars on grid positions 5 and 7. Only the two top teams, Mercedes and Ferrari, were faster.

Verstappen expects strong performance in the race

'We deserve it so far ahead, 'emphasized Verstappen. 'The other teams didn't make any major mistakes. We are now best of the rest.' The little brother from Faenza even left the Red Bull sister team behind. 'Tomorrow we'll show you the Red Bull-Cola lettering on our rear wing,' grinned Verstappen. The Dutchman has never been as far ahead in his short career as he was in Melbourne.

And the super talent also expects a good result in the race: 'Last year we were always a little worse because of the engine in the race than in qualifying. For example, we had to save more fuel than others. But things are going better with the new drive system. You could already see from the long runs in Barcelona that we should really be there. '

Sainz not entirely satisfied with lap Q3

Team mate Carlos Sainz was also pleased with the car's good pace. However, the Spaniard struggled a bit with his placement. 'Unfortunately, I didn't manage the last lap in Q3 so well. My time from Q2 would have been enough for 5th place. That was definitely possible today.' Indias to guess. Nico H├╝lkenberg and Sergio Perez should start in positions 10 and 9 with fresh, harder tires. 'That is definitely an advantage. But then I prefer to make it into Q3 and the grid position further up. It will certainly be interesting in the race. Especially with the strategy and the new radio rules. We have to be careful when the others come to the pits early go. '

Toro Rosso has to score now

Both pilots know that the soaring flight may soon be over. While the other teams gradually upgrade their engines during the season, Toro Rosso has to drive the 2015 Ferrari engine all year round. 'So we have to take the chance now,' says Verstappen.

The good result was certainly one of the reasons why Verstappen and Sainz didn't want to criticize the qualifying format too much: 'So I had fun today, even if it is much more stressful in betweenthan it used to be, 'said Verstappen with a grin. Sainz added:' Maybe we should think about something else for Q3. But you can leave the rest. '


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