Australian GP 2018: Third DRS zone in Melbourne

Stefan Baldauf
Third DRS zone in Melbourne
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D he GP Australia 2017 was a one-stop race with only five real overtaking maneuvers. Too little from the point of view of the rights holders and the FIA. Therefore they make do with a trick for this year's edition. Usually there are only two DRS areas on each racetrack, in which the drivers can fold down the rear wing in order to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the cars and to gain top speed. The FIA ​​is introducing a third DRS zone for the 2018 season opener.

DRS software has to be reprogrammed

The teams are surprised by the measure. But there is no rule that prohibits another DRS zone. The only hurdle was the software. It first had to be rewritten by the experts so that the rear wing flap only opens at the three points indicated.

Sketch of the route for the Australian GP 2018.

The DRS areas on the home straight and between corner two and three are already known from the previous year. There is a common measuring point for both, which determines whether the pursuer is allowed to use the artificial overtaking aid or not. That is the case if he is 13 meters before turn 14 with the vehicle in front within a second.

The DRS zone between turns 12 and 13 is new. It is 250 meters long and therefore the shortest on the 5.303-kilometer route in Albert Park. It remains to be seen whether the measure will bear fruit and whether the 250 meters will be enough to build up enough surplus, and whether it will pass. The detection area, whether DRS can be used, is located 170 meters before the fast right bend of Turn 11. It can be activated 104 meters after turn 12.

The new Pirelli should also be used for more action on the track. Gums contribute. Although bringthe Italians like in the previous year the mixtures Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft, but the rubbers 2018 are generally softer than their predecessors. This should lead to faster tire degradation, thereby better overtaking opportunities and more pit stops.


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