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Australian GP 2018: Result Race, Qualifying & amp; training

GP Australia 2018 (race result)
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A s Saturday shone silver. Red on Sunday. Sebastian Vettel is the first winner of the 69th Formula 1 season. In his 48th win, the third in Australia, the Ferrari star benefited from a virtual safety car phase that robbed Lewis Hamilton of success.

Hamilton won the start from pole position. Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel held their positions, while Max Verstappen lost one place against Kevin Magnussen in the HaasF1. On the ninth lap, the Dutchman spun in turn one. Without outside influence. As a result, Romain Grosjean slipped through in the second HaasF1 as well as Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg.

Ferrari forced Hamilton to make a pit stop on lap 20. One lap earlier, the Italians had fitted Kimi Räikkönen's racing car with fresh rubber. An attempted undercut that failed, but gave Vettel the top position. The move should pay off later.

HaasF1 failed because of the pit stops on the way to a large number of points. Both Magnussen and Grosjean rolled out after the only tire change on the track. Grosjean parked his racing car on the inside between turns two and three. Apparently the tires weren't properly lashed. The race management initiated a virtual safety car. That gave Ferrari the victory. Because Vettel swapped tires when his competitor Hamilton had to sneak around the track. That gave him the decisive seconds.

A little later, the race management also sent out the correct safety car. The disaster for Mercedes was already done. After the restart on lap 31, Hamilton hung his rival in the rear for most of the time, but couldn't find a way past. Raikkonen completed the pedestal.

Daniel Ricciardo rolled across the finish line in fourth place. Like Fernando Alonso, the Australian also benefited from the virtual safety car in fifth. Verstappen took sixth place. Nico Hülkenberg, Valtteri Bottas, who made up seven positions from 15th place, Stoffel Vandoorne and Carlos Sainz also made it into the points.

You can see the complete race in detail in our >> Read live ticker for GP Australia .


GP Australia 2018 (qualifying result)

First pole goes toHamilton

Show of force by the world champion: Lewis Hamilton confidently secured pole position for the 2018 Australian GP. The Englishman shares the first row with Kimi Räikkönen. Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen start from the second row.

Until the decisive attempt in the third part of qualifying, the Formula 1 fans experienced an exciting qualifying in Albert Park. Then Mercedes turned up the power and Lewis Hamilton turned up. The defending champion lapped the circuit in Melbourne in 1: 21.164 minutes, undercut the previous lap record by more than a second and outclassed the competition.

Big accident by Bottas

For Hamilton it is 73rd first place on the grid and seventh pole position in Australia. On Sunday he is chasing after the third victory in Melbourne. “I'm so happy with the round. It was fantastic, ”said the happy four-time Formula 1 champion, who shares the front row with Kimi Räikkönen. The faster of the two Ferrari drivers already lost over six tenths of a second to the Mercedes. The team-internal success over Sebastian Vettel is only a small consolation.

The Heppenheimer finished his lap only a hundredth slower than Raikkonen. “I didn't feel the car yesterday. It was much better today. But my last lap was not ideal, ”reported the previous year's winner. Max Verstappen was close to the Ferraris. Red Bull will start the Grand Prix with a different strategy. Both Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo chose the super soft tire on which they have to start the race in the second qualifying round. Mercedes and Ferrari drive off on ultrasofts. Ricciardo will be downgraded three places. It is the result of a penalty from the second free practice.

The first profiteer is the only US racing team in the field. HaasF1 is the fourth fastest team in the field. Qualifying provided the final proof. Kevin Magnussen prevailed against Romain Grosjean. Both Renaults got into the last part too. Nico Hülkenberg was a bit faster than Carlos Sainz.

The first big accident of the season was due to Valtteri Bottas, who struggled with the balance of his Silver Arrow in qualifying. In the first run in Q3, the Mercedes driver got over the curbs of turn two and slipped on the possibly still damp artificial turf. His Mercedes turned and hit the back of the tire with full force. It is very likely that the transmission was also permanently damaged. A change in the control box would throw Bottas five places out of the top ten on the grid. According to initial information, the Finn was uninjured in his accident.

McLaren missed Q3, 11th place as Joker?

Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne were in the top 10 in all three training sessions Qualifying, however, ploppedMcLaren drivers out. A slow first section cost Alonso a better position in the last qualifying attempt. “We're eleventh,” his engineer radioed into the cockpit. The Spaniard took it calmly. “That's okay.” The first place outside of the top ten could prove to be a wild card in the race. Alonso is the first driver to have a free choice of tires. Vandoorne landed a good one and a half tenths of a second behind his teammate in 12th place.

For Force India it was also over after the second 15 minutes. Although the team had put together a large update package for Melbourne. But the VJM11 still lacks speed on one lap. Sergio Perez clearly won the team-internal duel. Lance Stroll pushed himself between the two pink and white cars in the better of the two Williams cars. Compared to the winter test drives, both the driver and the car have improved.

Sauber is dropping the last places

The first shootout of the year was the definitive proof that the midfield was even closer together is. With the exception of the top teams, no racing team can in principle afford to contest the first part of the qualification with the handbrake on. Both Toro Rosso and both Sauber failed.

Nevertheless, the Swiss racing team showed an improvement over the previous year. The last places were given up. Marcus Ericsson finished 17th just behind Brendon Hartley in the Toro Rosso, who missed Q2 by just 29 thousandths. Rookie Charles Leclerc suffered the first training defeat at Sauber. The Monegasse missed Ericsson's record by 80 thousandths.

Sergey Sirotkin made a mistake in contrast to team-mate Stroll in the first round. Like his neighbor on the back row, Pierre Gasly. A ride through the gravel pit cost the French every chance of a better placement.


GP Australia 2018 (result of 3rd practice)

Vettel- Best time in mixed proportions

Sebastian Vettel took the top position in the third training session for the Australian GP. The Heppenheimer switched to the ultra-soft tires towards the end of the training session as the track dried out and was 2.4 seconds faster than teammate Kimi Räikkönen.

On Friday the weather in Melbourne was at its best. On Saturday morning, on the other hand, the temperatures dropped by eleven degrees and it was raining. In the third training session, the pilots therefore found a wet track over long distances. Only towards the end of the training did a dry track develop. Sebastian Vettel used it in the best time.

Vettel on Ultrasofts to the record

The Ferrari star was one of the few drivers who switched from intermediate tires to slicks. In the final chord, Vettel lapped the 5.303-kilometer course in 1: 26.067 minutes on the ultra-soft tire. Team mate Kimi Raikkonen also changed hands. However, the Finn found it much more difficult and orderedis more than 2.4 seconds behind Vettel.

The result enhances Ferrari's performance. The red racing cars were way too slow on a wet track. Vettel was temporarily 1.5 seconds off the top. Possible explanation: Ferrari does not get the rain tires up to temperature. Or there is a lack of constant contact pressure through the curves. On the other hand, Max Verstappen once again demonstrated that he is one of the best drivers in the wet. The 20-year-old Dutchman led the ranking for a long time. In the end, it was enough for fourth place. However, set up with intermediate tires. Fernando Alonso also showed his qualities on the wet track. If it rains in qualifying you have to keep an eye on the Spaniard.

Force India refrains from running

Marcus Ericsson placed his Sauber C37 in third position, which is also a late move was due to slicks. Yesterday, Friday, the Swiss racing team fought for a lap to catch up with midfield. In the endurance runs, the Alfa Romeo branded racing cars performed better.

Carlos Sainz, whose Renault now has a large T-wing in the rear, and Daniel Ricciardo were in fifth and sixth in the third practice session one. Like Verstappen and their pursuers, both had strapped their intermediates on the fastest tracks. Valtteri Bottas' and Lewis Hamilton's two Mercedes followed. The defending champion only intervened half an hour after the start of training. Apparently there was a problem with the steering wheel. Only after a change did Hamilton drive his W09 with starting number 44 out of the garage. The top 10 were completed by Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso.

The significance of the third exercise unit is almost zero. Unless it actually rains in qualifying. What else is there to record? Williams successfully resolved a transmission mess in Lance Stroll's car. After 45 minutes, the Canadian was allowed to participate. Force India, on the other hand, kept its pilots in the garage after a round of installation. Because the team's weather forecast puts the chances of a dry qualifying at 80 percent. And because you wanted to rule out accidents. The reason is the new aerodynamics package, which is only available in duplicate. As soon as a part breaks, the team has to switch back to the old Aero.


GP Australia 2018 (result of 2nd practice)

Top teams move closer together

The second best time of the young season also goes to Lewis Hamilton. However, Red Bull and Ferrari were able to close the gap. Max Verstappen even managed to break up the Mercedes duo in the second practice session.

The three top cars shared the sector best times in the second practice session for the Australian GP 2018. Lewis Hamilton set the pace in the first section. Kimi Raikkonen imMiddle sector. And Max Verstappen finished the technically demanding final part with six of 16 corners as the fastest man. In total, the world champion prevailed in the car with the starting number 44.

Red Bull and Ferrari gain

On the ultra-soft tires, Hamilton set a lap time of 1: 23.931 minutes in the 40+ Degrees hot asphalt. This increased the 62-time GP winner by 95 thousandths compared to the morning. Hamilton was satisfied with himself and his car. He was particularly fond of a combination of curves. “Turns eleven and twelve are crazy. We don't brake at all in this corner, that's crazy. ”Red Bull and Ferrari, on the other hand, improved more. That is why the projection of the Silver Arrows shrank. Max Verstappen even managed to split the Mercedes duo. In his fastest lap, the 20-year-old Dutchman was only 0.127 seconds slower than Hamilton in the Red Bull RB14. “I am happy with the car. But a little rain wouldn't hurt. ”

The melted distance should give the fans hope. Very few would have anything against an explosive first row from Hamilton-Verstappen. However, these times should be treated with caution. The competition is afraid of the power mode that Mercedes has given wings in the qualifying sessions in recent years. In the race, Red Bull and Ferrari pay off more.

Räikkönen and Bottas to the stewards

Valtteri Bottas halved the deficit on his teammates, but has to improve further if he's in Hamilton Really want to challenge the fight for pole position. Right behind the man from Nastola, Kimi Raikkonen fitted into the faster of the two Ferraris. The 2007 world champion was less than three tenths of a second away from the top spot. The two Finns had to go to the race stewards half an hour after the end of training. It was about an incident in turn 3. Bottas ran into Raikkonen on a fast lap in the braking zone, who was on a strolling lap. In order to avoid a collision, the Mercedes driver evaded and sled through the gravel bed without damaging his W09 permanently. The commissioners decided that Raikkonen was in the way of Bottas. But not on purpose. Bottas also agreed.

Sebastian Vettel did not manage to keep the pace of team-mate Raikkonen in the afternoon either. Two and a half tenths on the garage neighbors and over half a second behind the title rivals should make the Heppenheimer thoughtful. “We were able to get our program through, but it is not going as expected. It depends on the balance. We have to change a lot so that it fits better. My lap wasn't good either. There was a lack of rhythm, ”reported the four-time world champion. Even Romain Grosjean's Ferrari-fired HaasF1 came threateningly close to Vettel. HaasF1 showed up after surprisingly strongTest drives continue as the fourth force in the field. The small upgrades seem to be working. Even if Kevin Magnussen was not quite as fast as ninth.

Renault misses the top 10

Daniel Ricciardo was seventh. However, the Australian could have placed far better. Probably before Vettel. However, the only red flag of the day robbed Ricciardo of any chance of improvement. After two personal best sectors, the five-time GP winner had to slow down. One of the induction loops for timing on the finish line had come loose from the asphalt. After training, the 28-year-old got big. The stewards gave Ricciardo a penalty of three starting places because the Perth man had not slowed down enough during the red phase. Ricciardo admitted his misconduct.

McLaren also made a good impression in the second training session. Eighth and tenth places for Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne underline the team's ambitions to reach the third part in qualifying with both cars. McLaren drives in Australia with a new diffuser, new trim parts at the lower end of the bonnet and changed rear brake ventilation.

Renault did not have the desired training Friday. Both Carlos Sainz and Nico Hülkenberg ended up outside the top 10. At Force India at least Sergio Perez found more speed. The Mexican climbed from 16th place in the morning to 12th position in the afternoon. Williams, Toro Rosso and Sauber found themselves in the southern part of the timesheet.


GP Australia 2018 (result of 1st practice)

Hamilton dominates the prelude

Mercedes confirmed its favorite position in the first free practice for the 2018 GP Australia. Lewis Hamilton raced to the record. In front of team-mate Valtteri Bottas. Red Bull and Ferrari were scrambling for position behind the Silver Arrows.

The 69th Formula 1 season is underway. At the start in Australia, the 20 drivers made a total of 476 laps. That is 62 more than in the previous year. With that, the first fear is off the table. Experts feared that due to the stricter engine rules, the teams would drive less with only three instead of four units per season on the first day of training in order to protect the drive units. That was not the case with 27 degrees asphalt and 43 degrees track temperature in sunny Melbourne.

Hamilton half a second ahead of Bottas

A second fear, however, seems to be true. It turned out as was to be expected after the test drives. Mercedes set the pace at the start of the Australia weekend. As in the previous year, Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time in the first free practice. On the ultra soft tires, the world champion made around six left and ten right turns in Albert Park in 1: 24.026 minutes. Pole time in 2017 was 1.8 seconds short of a good onePiece.

Team-mate Valtteri Bottas took second place. The man from Finland has already lost over half a second to the defending champion. On the same type of tire. “A good start for us,” summed up Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. “We still have to wait and see how the field is sorted. The first training session is not enough for that. ”Mercedes does without updates in Australia. And yet the competition is far away. Red Bull also resorted to ultrasoft rubber in the first 90 minutes. Max Verstappen thus managed the third fastest lap. The deficit of 0.745 seconds confirms the pessimists among the experts in the paddock. “Mercedes is in impressive shape,” acknowledges Red Bull's team boss Christian Horner. Should Red Bull not have driven with significantly more gasoline in the tank, everything indicates that Mercedes cannot be beaten for at least one lap.

HaasF1 leads midfield

Not even by Ferrari. Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel moved out in the first session first with the soft and later with the super soft tires. But even the somewhat harder mixture compared to the Ultrasoft should not be an excuse for the distance to Mercedes. According to Pirelli's first projections, there is about half a second between the two softest tire types this weekend. The difference between the Supersoft and Soft on a fast lap should also be that high.

Local hero Daniel Ricciardo finished sixth behind stable rivals Verstappen and the two Ferraris. There are less than three tenths of a second between third and sixth place. Behind that there was a gap of seven tenths of a second to the midfield, which Romain Grosjean led in HaasF1. The US racing team thus confirmed the good shape of the pre-season tests at least in the first 90 minutes. However, the first training session did not go completely smoothly for the team. During a ride over the curbs of Turn 12, parts of the underbody of Grosjean's car tore off. Teammate Kevin Magnussen was plagued by a faulty sensor. In addition, there was a ride on the grass at turn 15. Therefore, the Dane only lined up in 17th place.

McLaren first with problems, then quickly

In the battle McLaren had against Renault the British racing team is ahead. Fernando Alonso initially stood in the garage for a long time because the exhaust overheated. In the last third of the training session, the Spaniard managed the eighth fastest lap on the supersoft tires. Carlos Sainz was 16 thousandths slower in his Renault. Stoffel Vandoorne completed the top 10 in the second McLaren. Nico Hülkenberg, on the other hand, only came in 13th. Pierre Gasly joined the front of midfield in eleventh place. The stewards pronounced the first sentence of the year against the French. Because it was flashed in the pits at 65.9 km /h. Gasly has to pay 600 euros to exceed the 60 km /h limit.

Williams showed himselfimproved shape compared to the test drives. Force India tested the numerous updates on the VJM11 in the first session. Still without resounding success. The final positions were taken by the Sauber drivers, as in 2017.

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