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Australian GP 2018: First Formula 1 photos from Melbourne

F1 photos GP Australia 2018
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D he tension before the first race of the The season is huge every year. All 20 pilots are starting from scratch in Melbourne. The winter tests provided the fans with a little appetizer. But now it's finally about World Cup points again.

There was already a lot of activity in Albert Park on Monday and Tuesday. The teams moved into their garages. The great logistics race is in full swing. No sooner had the mechanics packed up the material in Barcelona than it had to be sent down under again.

First photos from the F1 paddock

sutton -images.com
The material arrived safely in Melbourne.

In the pit lane the big rearrangement started again. Sea and air freight containers were unloaded in rows. But the flow of fully loaded trucks did not stop. To make matters worse, the garages in Melbourne's pit lane are among the smallest on the calendar. They don't offer the mechanics much storage space.

And so the first bulky trim parts were simply placed in front of the boxes - much to the delight of our photographer. The F1 paparazzi also gratefully accepted that the first pilots were already there. Valtteri Bottas was caught doing a training session on his bike on the beach promenade and was arrested by local reporters for an interview.

We have already collected a few first impressions for you in the gallery.


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