Attempted assault on Jenson Button

Jenson Button in danger
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J enson Button narrowly escaped an attack in Sao Paulo. After qualifying for the Brazilian GP, ​​the English Formula 1 world champion was on his way from the track in Interlagos to his hotel in the Morumbi district when six attackers armed with pistols tried to stop the car.

Fortunately for him British was a police officer at the wheel of the armored Mercedes B-Class who was able to repel the attack by acting quickly. The chauffeur trained for such cases avoided the robbers and was able to quickly move away from the danger through the traffic and take him to the hotel. 'He squeezed the car through a number of cars and rammed everyone else in the process. He reacted really well,' said Button himself, describing the incident.

Button clan escapes unharmed

Beside Jenson himself also had father John Button, Jenson's physiotherapist Mike Collier and his manager Richard Goddard on board the car. None of the inmates were injured in the attempted robbery.

After the incident, the authorities in Sao Paulo announced that additional security guards would be available for Sunday to ensure Jenson Button and other members of the McLaren team leadership to bring the route.

Sao Paulo has always been considered a particularly dangerous place. Due to the increased standard of living and better safety precautions, attacks on the sidelines of Formula 1 races have become increasingly rare in recent years. This year, however, the trend does not seem to be confirmed. Before the incident with Jenson Button, there were two more incidents.

Bags stolen from Sauber and Force India

Sauber was also the victim of a robbery on Saturday evening when a team bus with three engineers was stopped by five attackers at a gas station. The thieves, armed with a submachine gun, stole two bags. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

A Force India engineer also got to know the Brazilian thieves. The Englishman wanted to jump out of his car to the hotel on Thursday. When he came back, his briefcase was gone. The thief later returned the papers and documents to reception. Only the money was gone. Unfortunately, the Force India employee had already reported his passport as stolen by this time. Now he has to get a new one before the return flightget.


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