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Attack prohibition for Rosberg: slowed down by the brakes

No attack on Rosberg
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N after 2 victories in Barcelona and Monaco, Nico Rosberg experienced in Montreal frustrating weekend. He already lost his chance of victory in qualifying, as he analyzed after the race: 'He was back in front at the start. After that, it is simply extremely difficult to overtake someone who has the same car.'

Brakes prevent Rosberg attack

Rosberg always tried to put Hamilton under pressure. 'I always had to run full and hope for a mistake, but unfortunately it didn't come.' In between, the German managed to sit in the slipstream of the sister car, but it wasn't enough for a real attack.

Rosberg would have liked to have attacked harder. But the brakes didn't play along. Again and again the box asked to ensure the cooling of the carbon stoppers: 'The brakes were on the stop. Sometimes I wasn't allowed to attack at all. Every time I got closer, I had to let myself fall back,' explains Rosberg.

Especially in the middle of the race there seemed to be an opportunity: 'He had to save more fuel than me at the beginning of the second stint. But I couldn't benefit from that because my brakes were at the limit at the same time. Then I had to let it fall back again. '

Discussion about radio messages

Rosberg was still hoping for a final offensive. But that also failed. Radio messages from the command post to the Mercedes drivers ensured small discussions in the paddock. Rosberg asked how the teammate's fuel volume is doing. An answer was refused, saying that such information was not allowed.

'I would have liked to know what it was like with him. That might have helped me to better plan my attack,' so Rosberg. A radio message to the rival that was played on television earlier in the race made a little suspicious. Hamilton was informed that Rosberg was doing better in terms of fuel, but had problems with the brakes.

Team boss Toto Wolff did not want to comment on the situation. 'I have to take a look at it on the plane home first. I don't know why it went one way but not the other.'


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