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Assault on Jenson Button: & # 34; We had to ram our way & # 34;

Assault on Jenson Button
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What exactly happened on the way home?
Jenson Button: W e came to a traffic light one kilometer away from the route. As always, our driver stopped a little earlier. We saw six or seven guys on the side of the road gathering in a doorway. You looked suspicious, but I didn't think anything of it. Richard (manager Richard Goddard; editor's note) saw that someone was holding a baton. Then I noticed that someone was tinkering with his pants with a gun. As soon as I said that, our driver also looked over. Then they started running. The driver pulled the car around and accelerated. It looked like there wasn't enough space between the six cars in front of us. We rammed every single one. We got through and ran away. Looking back, I saw two guys with simple pistols and one with a large submachine gun. At least it looked like it. Our driver reacted really well.

Did you suffer any physical damage from the collision with the cars?
Button: No. I am fine. We were sitting in a Mercedes B-Class. It's not the biggest car, but it was armored. It's pretty heavy, so it did a good job of getting through the traffic in front of us. The damage to the other cars wasn't particularly severe. We had to ram our way. But it was the only way to get out of there.

Did the car have tinted windows?
Button : Yes.

Were you wearing team clothes?
Button: Yes, I was wearing my team clothes, but you couldn't see anything through the windows. We stopped right in front of the house entrance. I think that was more bad luck than anything.

Do you think that you don't represent a bigger goal in a Mercedes than in a less expensive car?
Button: I think that an S-Class is much more noticeable. A B-class is much smaller. It's one of the smallest cars that Mercedes has. That's why we're using it here. You can see much more expensive cars on the streets here.

There were a few incidents this weekend that could jeopardize the future of the Brazilian GP. What do you think of that?
Button: Manhears this over and over again over the years. But only when you are affected yourself do you know how it feels. It's a pretty frightening situation because at first you don't want to admit it. I think we weren't the only ones who saw this happen yesterday. I heard that Sauber mechanics were stopped too and had to give everything out. That was certainly terrible. I'm sorry for you.

How are you the day after?
Button: I slept well. That was a terrifying situation. But now I feel good. Obviously it gets a lot of attention because it is the first time a driver has stopped, but hopefully that will remind everyone of the dangers and make us more alert. I've heard that most drivers make their way to the track with police escorts. In addition, armored cars and police officers as drivers. It's not a pleasant feeling, but now we're here to have a good race. That is the most important thing.


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