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Are there ten Formula 1 teams ?: Marussia signs up for the crash test

Are there 10 Formula 1 teams?
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D ie the crash test laboratories of TRL, Cranfield and CSI have a lot of work to do right now. The Formula 1 teams crash new noses. The trend is getting shorter. Toro Rosso has already announced that they want to go on short before the start of the season. Maybe even at this Barcelona test. Red Bull is working to get rid of the bulb on the tip of the nose.

Toro Rosso and Red Bull are already entering their second round of nose crashes. Force India had an appointment for the first time. The new car was finished too late. Now all dynamic crash tests and static load tests have been passed. Even for the second chassis. Prophecies of doom that Force India would not be at the start in Melbourne due to a lack of cars have vanished into thin air.

Marussia is upgrading chassis to 2015 rule

This means that nine teams are safely at the start. Marussia continues to fight to stay in the Formula 1 circus. The team, which now operates from the Manor factory, registered for the crash test in early March. With a car that complies with the 2015 rules.

For this purpose, the chassis has been extended to the front to meet the new height regulations. The chassis must rise continuously within 35 centimeters from the A-A section from 525 to 625 millimeters in height.

The nose of the Marussia should also be a 2015 model. This means that nothing technically stands in the way of an operation. However, time is of the essence. Ferrari only pulls out its engines if 10 million euros are paid in advance. There should also be bottlenecks with suspension parts, since nothing was produced over the winter.


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