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Applicants for Ferrari cockpit: & # 34; Many drivers are waiting for the winning car & # 34;

Applicants for Ferrari cockpit
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E There aren't many cars that you can currently race with can win. The two Mercedes cockpits are occupied long-term. At Red Bull, you rely on your own offspring. And Ferrari's number 1 is Sebastian Vettel.

Several drivers hoped for the seat in the second red car when team boss Maurizio Arrivabene questioned the continued employment of Kimi Räikkönen after the first races of the season . In the end it was probably just a small motivational aid. At the end of the summer break, the Finn was officially confirmed as a pilot for 2016.

Grosjean wants to be patient

Bei Understandably, the candidates for the cockpit of their choice grew somewhat frustrated. 'Ferrari is probably relying on continuity. In the winter a lot has been changed in terms of personnel. You probably didn't want to try something new with the drivers,' said Romain Grosjean, pondering the Italians' motives.

The Frenchman confirmed that Ferrari was on his list: 'As a racing driver, the color red has a special attraction. I'm not the only one. Many young drivers like Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hülkenberg or Valtteri Bottas are waiting for the chance of a car capable of winning Now you need a little more patience. '

Hülkenberg has more options

Nico Hülkenberg When asked, he was relaxed: 'I never had the feeling that I had a realistic chance there. Since I wasn't expecting anything anyway, I am not disappointed either. I saw it coming.' The Rhinelander has other options: 'I do think I'll be in a good car next year. There's nothing wrong with staying with Force India. The team has developed well.'

Another alternative for Hülkenberg is called Haas F1. The Americans allegedly persistently advertise the services of the German. The driver does not seem to be completely averse to switching to a newcomer: 'At Haas, the entry into Formula 1 has been carefully considered. In contrast to Caterham or Marussia, the team does not start from scratch.'

Bottas criticizes media rumors

Valtteri Bottas also applied for the Ferrari seat, but did not get a chance in the end. During the summer breakItalian newspapers had announced the change prematurely. 'The rumors were unnecessary. Most of them just weren't right. That didn't help my relationship with Williams. These rumors weren't fair,' criticized the Finn.

Although Williams has not yet confirmed the pilot for 2016 nothing speaks against continued employment. 'It's easier now for me, for Williams and for Kimi. There are only facts and no rumors.' Bottas denied that he had negotiated directly with Ferrari. 'But I cannot confirm that this also applies to my managers. You have to ask them yourself.'

Does Ricciardo benefit from the Raikkonen extension?

Besides Kimi Raikkonen himself one of the winners of the Kimi extension also includes Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian is still tied to Red Bull and would not have been a candidate in 2016. For 2017, he might come back into play. 'At first I thought they would change drivers,' said Ricciardo about Ferrari Poker. 'But in the end I had the feeling that they wanted to continue with a known force. I had no contact with them myself - neither directly nor indirectly.'


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