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Alonso tied with Vettel: Ferrari drives out of the crisis

Alonso tied with Vettel
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F errari's Formula 1 season started with a nasty surprise. The F2012 was born a flop. In the meantime, the engineers have removed the greatest defects from their construction. Ferrari made the leap it had to make in Barcelona. Otherwise the signs in Maranello would have been on storm.

The remodeled Ferrari F2012 was one of the few cars in the field where the new technical developments really brought something. Scoffers would say: Worse than before was also not possible.

Alonso feels he is in the wrong film

Fernando Alonso doesn't need his chances for the third world title copy. And that was still to be feared after the winter test drives. 'We can be proud that after this start of the season we have as many points as Vettel,' said Alonso. He should have said he can be proud of himself. The first 43 of his 61 points go to the account of the Spaniard.

With the help of the fastest pit stop crew and good strategic decisions. Alonso's victory in Malaysia could not be paid for with money. Up until the Spanish GP, he gave Ferrari the air to breathe in order to get rid of the problems with the car.

In Barcelona, ​​the two-time ex-world champion sat in a better car. Even if he didn't want to create too much euphoria: 'I don't dare to speak of a breakthrough until we finish in first and second place. This World Cup is so crazy that it is impossible to make any predictions or analyzes. I came in Bahrain 57 seconds behind a Red Bull. Three weeks later I lapped one of the two Red Bulls. When Webber appeared in front of me, I thought I was in the wrong movie. '

Ferrari consistently faster ?

That is why Alonso does not want to make any predictions for the Monaco GP. 'We have to wait a few more races to find out where we really stand. You can leave the track as the winner today and not score points tomorrow. To be honest, I would prefer a little more consistency. Of course, only if we dominate . '

Ferrari's number one tries to keep the ball flat to keep the engineers moving. The next expansion stage follows the GP Canada, the next but one at the European GP. 'If we want to establish ourselves at the top, we have to work day and night.' Despite the skepticism, Ferrari has clearly made up ground. Thetell the numbers.

Weak points on the car improved

The car has got better in both of its weak points. The last sector of the track in Barcelona consists almost entirely of slow corners. Traction is required here. Alonso was third there in practice and fifth in the race. A few weeks ago that would have been unthinkable.

The red car has also picked up speed on the straight. From the relegation places to midfield. Even so, there is still room for progress. Pastor Maldonado noticed: 'Out of the slow corners our car was better than the Ferrari.' And on the home stretch, Alonso was still eight km /h short of the Lotus drivers. But it was already 15 km /h.

Perhaps Ferrari could have won this race with a better strategy. Alonso took two laps too long for the second pit stop and three laps for the third. The Malaysia winner protects his troops. 'The plan was to do the same as Maldonado. When he came in earlier than us at the second stop, I lost my lead on the first lap because I was stuck behind a Marussia. So we changed our plan and tried longer than he had to drive in order to have fresher tires at the last stop. '

Alonso has no chance against Maldonado

This theory does not fit in with Ferrari using the fresh set of hard tires grabbed the third turn, and then had to drive off on used tires in the final section. Ferrari's strategists should have known that Maldonado still had three brand new sets of hard tires up their sleeves.

In the end, however, the tires did not decide the duel for victory. With seven laps to go, Alonso felt a sudden loss of grip. 'It happened after turn seven. I immediately called the pits to see if something was broken on the car.' Immediately after the race, team boss Stefano Domenicali considered two options: 'Either the front wing was damaged or torn pieces of tire got caught in the gaps between the wing elements.'


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