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Alonso takes a deep breath: & # 34; Today was a good day '

Alonso takes a breath
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Z for the first time you saw a smile on McLaren's faces, Honda and Fernando Alonso. The sixth day of testing this winter was by far the best. And he gives hope that this season will not end with the feared bankruptcy. Fernando Alonso did 59 laps. Almost twice as much as the usual daily target. No damage, no early evening. 'We drove from 9 am to 5 pm. That is great news.'

The lap times were also good. Alonso finished 7th with 1.25.961 minutes. Just 1.387 seconds behind the best time. Jerez was still 6.8 seconds short. Alonso beamed: 'For the first time we got an impression of the potential of the car and engine. The feeling in the car is good.'

The Honda V6 turbo was only allowed to be operated with reduced electric power. For fear that otherwise the same thing will happen as on the first day of testing with Jenson Button. The new parts to secure the MGU-K did not arrive in Barcelona until Friday evening. 'After Jenson's defect, I was a bit pessimistic. But today we showed that we are on the right track. The car is fast, despite the restrictions that we still have to drive with,' said the Spaniard.

'For us, test drives are only now starting'

Alonso traveled to Japan last week to see Honda's efforts on site convince: 'I've seen the resources, the factory, the enthusiasm. This project is still young, but one day it will win races. The only question is when.'

The two-time world champion does not want to a lot of roses scatter: 'To be honest, I was already hoping for this jump. We only have six days to Melbourne and have to make up a huge gap. Our opponents have a year and 19 races more experience than us.'

McLaren-Honda is now learning what the competition has already done in Jerez. 'We are constantly discovering new things. Sometimes the brake balance isn't right, sometimes the gear ratio, sometimes it isthe temperatures too high or too low. We still have a lot to learn. Under the circumstances, the lap time of 1.25.9 minutes is very good. At last year's Grand Prix, the fastest McLaren lap was 1.27.3 minutes. I can say: Today was a good day for us. '


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