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Alonso optimistic for 2017: will McLaren be a winning team again?

Alonso optimistic for 2017
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W enn McLaren-Honda over the winter like that Is making good progress like between 2015 and 2016, then the former series world champion would have to compete for victories again next year. In one year, the leap from the table cellar to midfield succeeded. From 27 to 74 World Cup points so far. According to the law of the series, McLaren-Honda could advance into the group of the top teams in 2017.

Fernando Alonso believes in this dynamic. A year ago he would have doubted. “We were so far away in 2015 that we couldn't learn a lot. It was a struggle for survival to even finish a race. So much broke in the engines and in the environment that Honda found it difficult to see where the problems were and how they should find performance. ”

2016 McLaren upgrades as a test for 2017

Everything is different this season. The McLaren-Honda are reasonably reliable. And when they get there, they are mostly in the points. “We can now drive to the limit. I am confident that Honda has learned the right lessons from this and will benefit from it in the next year. Aerodynamics is an open field in 2017, 'Alonso justifies his optimism.

The McLaren aerodynamics engineers have viewed the second half of the season as a test for 2017. That is one reason why McLaren, unlike other teams, brought many new parts to the car.

“Our goal was to better understand the 2017 regulations and to check whether our vehicle philosophy for next year's car will be right. Everything starts from scratch in 2017. Everyone has an equal chance. It's the unique opportunity to make up for a deficit, 'Alonso says hopefully.


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