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Alonso on Honda false start: & # 34; 6 laps are not enough & # 34;

Stefan Baldauf
Alonso on the Honda false start
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F ernando Alonso had on Sunday (1.2.2015) his first official appearance in a McLaren dress. In Jerez, the Spaniard was allowed to complete the maiden voyage with the new MP4-30. But the debut turned out to be a brief pleasure. After only 6 slow laps in the morning I couldn't go any further. Electrical problems stopped the new car.

The driver was only moderately enthusiastic after the performance: 'The day went more or less as expected. It was a somewhat slow start. I would have liked to have done more laps 2 months waiting for the first day is 6 laps not enough ', the Spaniard explained in the press round in the evening.

Alonso is patient with McLaren-Honda

I have doubts about his new employer But he hasn't yet: 'The atmosphere in the pits was amazing today. We're all happy that we're here. It was an honor to be able to do the first laps in the car. I believe in this project. We have the last Alonso has seen how difficult it is to get rounds together on the first few days. It's a complex technology. '

Alonso has to be patient. However, the Spaniard had not expected anything else beforehand. 'We need time and we still have to learn a lot of things. The design of our car is pretty extreme, pretty aggressive and innovative.'

The local hero also got a little swipe at his old employer Ferrari. When asked whether it is difficult for a world champion to be patient and to follow suit, he replied dryly: 'Over the last 5 years I have proven that I have patience.'

Alonso does not believe in Mercedes walk-through

Alonso looked appreciatively at Mercedes' performance on the first day of testing, 'The team that dominated last year and won almost all races was fast again today and they did 150 laps. They go certainly with a head start into the season. But that's normal. You just have to continuously develop your old car. We have a completely new car. '

However, Alonso expects a little more excitement over the course of the season:' Me don't think Mercedes will win as many races again. They are definitely the favorites. But the other teams are better prepared than last year. '

Hymn of praise to Honda

His Alonso does not doubt the new team despite the false start. There was a hymn of praise for Honda:'From day one I saw how passionate you are in motorsport. I am sure that sooner or later we will achieve what we set out to do. If you want something, then you can do it too.'

And he found nice words for McLaren too. The separation after the 2007 season was not very friendly. 'I've changed. I was only 25 years old at the time. Now is the perfect time to get back together. With Eric (Boullier) the team is more open and international. The design has changed completely with Peter (Prodromou). Honda follows 22 years back. The whole team believes in this project. It's a fantastic feeling. '


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