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Alonso looks for a chair: 'I almost fell asleep'

Alonso is looking for a chair
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D he scene was reminiscent of last year. After 40 minutes of the second practice session, the Spaniard's McLaren-Honda rolled out. The car with the starting number 14 was paralyzed by an initial problem. At first Alonso stayed at the side of the road until a cameraman got him a chair and Alonso sat behind the TV camera. Last year, the McLaren driver had demonstratively sat in a garden chair to sunbathe.

This time Alonso took the time to watch his colleagues on the third corner. He concluded, “After 50 minutes, I almost fell asleep. Fortunately there was a chair. The fans want to see fast cars. Something where you can't keep your mouth shut when a car has passed you. '

' We should pay the spectators '

Alonso found the speeds in the 220 km /h fast left turn at the end of the Senna-S disappointing. Although Formula 1 is going faster than ever in Interlagos. But the two-time world champion does not accept that. 'The cars only picked up speed on the straights, not in the corners.'

Alonso is one of the biggest critics of current cars. He can hardly wait for the next year, when wider cars and wider tires should reduce lap times by 3 to 4 seconds and significantly increase cornering speeds. In Alonso's opinion, this will not only be fun again for the drivers, but also for the spectators. After consciously observing the training from the viewer's perspective, he came to the conclusion. “We should pay the spectators to sit in the stands and endure what we offer them.”


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