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Alonso hopes for points: & # 34; The route could suit us & # 34;

Alonso hopes for points
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F ernando Alonso has to be patient. Also in Barcelona at his home race he could not get a countable result. A tear-off visor got caught in the rear brake shaft and caused the brakes to overheat. He had to park the car early.

World championship title as the goal

That is why the journalists persistently ask when the knot will finally burst. Alonso does not see the stage goal, but the great success. 'Our goal is not to get a point, but to win the world title,' he confidently admits. 'It doesn't matter whether we finish eleventh or eighth. It's just a matter of time when we get the first points. We were close in Barcelona. It's the same here.'

Der McLaren-Honda fits in well with the concept. 'The performance plays a subordinate role here,' says Alonso. 'The question mark is behind drivability. You need a lot of confidence in the car here. We have some ideas that we want to test.'

That might not work in practice on Thursday. Because the weather report reports rain. 'If the forecast is correct, we will drive our car in the rain for the first time,' says Alonso. However, the data collected is of limited importance. The sun should shine again on Saturday. A roulette game for the teams when it comes to setup work.

Impressive McLaren Monaco history

When Alonso thinks of Monaco, he also has a lot of successes from the past in the head. McLaren has won 15 times in the Principality, five times with Honda. Ayrton Senna won five wins in a row in Monaco from 1989. No team could achieve more success here.

'Every race is special. But even more so because McLaren-Honda dominated,' says the 33-year-old. 'You feel a certain responsibility and a little more motivation. I only drove once with McLaren in Monaco, when I got pole, victory and the fastest race lap.'


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