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Alonso goes away empty-handed: double fault in the first round

Alonso comes out empty
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F ernando Alonso's error rate is extremely low. That is why the Spaniard's carvers stand out twice. The Spaniard's failure was a drama in two acts. After another rocket start, he met Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull in the second corner. Alonso hit Vettel's right rear wheel with the left front wing end plate of his Ferrari.

'It was just a very light bump, maybe at 30 km /h,' complained the vice world champion. It was enough for the front wing of the Ferrari to hang at half mast. 'In retrospect, that was the worst solution. If the wing had fallen off completely, it would have made our decision easier.' Alonso raced around the course, sparkling, but did not let himself be dissuaded from wrestling Mark Webber on the fourth corner. 'I couldn't see anything from my perspective from the cockpit. The car didn't feel much worse.'

Ferraris in a dilemma

The Ferrari box had noticed the damage and warned his driver over the radio. But now you faced the dilemma that a pit stop on the half-wet track at the end of the first lap would have come too early. 'That would have cost me 25 seconds. That's why we decided to wait one lap and then make another decision. If it had gone well, we would have tried to hold out until lap three or four. That would still have been better than stopping too early.' Alonso justified himself.

It didn't get that far. At turn 13 the wing sagged a bit again. 'Only then did you see on the television screen that the piano was more serious,' Alonso admitted. 'The team only had five seconds to make a decision. It could have been just as wrong as it was right,' the Spaniard defended his troops.

Fine line between Hero and Zero

When the Ferrari driver was fighting for second place with Mark Webber on the home straight, the wing broke off completely and got stuck under the red car. The Ferrari jumped in the air and said goodbye to the gravel bed. To the criticism that the Ferrari box should have seen it coming, Alonso replied: 'Everything is easy to decide from the TV chair. If the wing had held and we had only stopped in the third lap and then won we've been the heroes. ' Race director Stefano Domenicali confirmed: 'There was a fine line between Hero and Zero.We were just unlucky. '

Alonso believes that in a normal race he would have had a chance to win.' We could have kept up with the Red Bull racing pace. They weren't as fast as they were in Australia. 'Only one thing bothered Domenicali:' Massa lost too much time on the wet slope. When it dried off, he drove the same times as the people at the top. 'Ferrari is relying on an expansion stage that will debut at the Chinese GP. According to Alonso, it is urgently needed.' We're still too slow in training. Mercedes took six tenths off us in Q2. We have to close this gap. '


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