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Alonso continues teasing Ferrari: & # 34; 4th place in every strategy & # 34;

Alonso continues teasing Ferrari
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M artin Whitmarsh is slowly developing into an Alonso fan:' I expect Fernando to finish on the podium, 'announced the McLaren team boss before the race. 'I wouldn't dare to say that to anyone else who starts from eighth place in Suzuka.'

Whitmarsh was one place wrong. Alonso finished fourth. But the Spaniard showed Ferrari again what he is worth. He drives better than his car. And he rubs it under Ferrari's nose after every qualification and after every race. Again this time. 'More than 4th place was not possible. Regardless of the strategy.'

Early second stop an error

Ferrari had briefly worked through a three-stop strategy. It's eight seconds faster on paper. But only if everything, really everything, fits. And if the car were as fast as a Red Bull. 'Our car was too slow for three stops,' Alonso teased mercilessly and added: 'After I came back from the starting lap in sixth and Hamilton was out of the race, there was for us no alternative. '

From then on, a two-stop strategy was set in stone. After the pit stop, Alonso got a new opponent. Nico Hulkenberg had piloted cleanly past both Ferraris with an early first stop. To make sure that Hülkenberg stays there, Sauber stopped early the second time.

In Alonso's opinion, the direct counterattack was a mistake. 'With Nico's second stop early on, it was clear that we would stay behind him. We didn't have to counter immediately, but could have delayed my second stop by three to four laps. That way I would have had even fresher tires in the final.'>

Alonso drove races with brains

In the final section, Alonso proved his racing intelligence. When he took to the track after his second stop, 2.1 seconds separated him from Hulkenberg. Up to the 36th lap, the difference grew to 4.9 seconds. 4th place seemed a long way off for Alonso. But then the Spaniard accelerated. He had spared his soles for six laps. Only seven laps later, the Ferrari driver reappeared in Hülkenberg's slipstream. Five laps later it passed thanks to fresher tires.

Alonso finished in fourth place. 'More would not have been possible if I had started from pole position,' provoked the second in the championship. 'For the Red Bull andGrosjeans Lotus we were clearly too slow. 'Alonso's goal for the season is now obvious:' Felipe and I want to save second place for Ferrari. The team deserves it. '

Tires only partially to blame for the low form

Alonso makes his own demands Second place behind Sebastian Vettel deliberately in the background. He's not interested in the runner-up title anyway. He plays the team player, so no one can accuse him of being a well poisoner. Which of course he is, because Ferrari's barely heard of it Achievements after the summer break, Alonso speaks plainly.

'The return to the 2012 tire designs plays a certain role, but not the decisive one. Our problems started when the old tires were around. The July upgrades were only good on paper. The tires would be a convenient excuse. But we could have adjusted better to the new tires. Clean did it too. '

Suddenly Alonso even defends Pirelli, whom he had punished several times recently.' After the tire damage, what other option was Pirelli than to bring new tires? They didn't do it to harm one team and to benefit the other. 'Martin Whitmarsh must have secretly applauded. Alonso's criticism of the team shows that he is not hoping for nothing that his ex-driver could suddenly end up on the transfer market.


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