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F for Fernando Alonso everything happens for the last time for the time being. The 2019 Formula 1 season will take place without the Spaniard. The selfies he takes at every driver parade are a first sign of sadness. “Every farewell is special and also a bit emotional. In Mexico for the last time in front of this incredible audience. In Brazil for the last time on the track where I was world champion twice. In Abu Dhabi for the very last time. ”

Alonso claims that he is walking in inner peace. He sharply denies press reports that he is bitter because he has not found a place. Just like the theory that he no longer wants to follow with inferior material. “I'm quitting because I've achieved everything in Formula 1 that I had to do. I have two world titles, 32 GP wins, records, I've raced for all the famous teams and I've made more money than I ever dreamed of. There is nothing that I regret. A chapter comes to an end. Now comes the next one. I resigned because I wanted to and not because I was forced. ”

New goals outside of Formula 1

Then Alonso settles with Formula 1 in its current state. It is no longer attractive enough because it is too predictable, too static, too unjust. If you don't drive for Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull, you have no chance. Others accuse him of being not a victim but a perpetrator. The most complete racing driver of our time has left too much scorched earth and is on the black list at Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and Honda. Alonso doesn't want to admit that. He continues stiffly and firmly that Red Bull made him an offer. And that he has no problems with Mercedes and Ferrari.

Fernando Alonso resignedMexico like so often in 2018.

Now the 37-year-old Spaniard is looking for other challenges. And also provides the explanation for it. “Formula 1 always believes it is the greatest. There is a lot more motorsport outside, and there are even bigger goals for me to achieve. I said that back in August. Why am I still being asked about it in October? “

Comeback 2020 or 2021 not excluded

What exactly Alonso does, he keeps to himself. He will end the WEC season with Toyota up to the finale at Le Mans. And one has to assume that Alonso will pursue the ultimate goal of the Triple Crown with the Indy 500. A win at Brickyard, and he would have something that sets him apart from Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton. A complete IndyCar season is practically off the table. The cars are too slow for him, he couldn't be part of a top team there either, and he obviously doesn't feel like commuting back and forth between Europe and the USA 17 times.

A trip to Formula E would be but only increase the frustration factor. The cars are many times slower than IndyCars. If you want to win there, you have to save energy perfectly. Not exactly to the taste of a thoroughbred racer. Alonso on Formula E: “Not an issue at the moment, but I'm not a clairvoyant.” All of this is a bit less for an adrenaline junkie who likes to be the center of attention. Perhaps he will use a year of relative calm to work on a comeback in Formula 1. At least that's not what Alonso rules out: “I can talk about 2020 or 2021. Only one thing is certain: I will not drive a Formula 1 race in 2019. '


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