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Alfa Romeo calling in criticism: Little chance for Alfa-Sauber

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Alfa Romeo appeal in criticism
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D the thick end for Alfa Romeo perished 8:52 p.m. Four hours after the German GP, ​​Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi each received a 30-second penalty because the team is said to have changed the clutch setting beyond the permitted level. The torque that the driver requests via the clutch lever must be implemented identically by the drive. A maximum of 70 milliseconds may elapse between triggering and the occurrence of the frictional connection. A delay of 200 to 300 milliseconds was measured for the Sauber pilots. On the first day of training, the team had adjusted the clutch setting parameters permitted by the regulations.

Alfa Romeo appealed three days after the German GP. The other teams were amazed that the FIA ​​would even accept the appeal. You cannot complain against referee decisions. You can only ask the stewards to re-examine the case with new facts. Just like Ferrari tried with the penalty for Sebastian Vettel at the Canadian GP.

Does the appellate court reject the penalty?

According to Racing Point technical director Andy Green, an appeal would only be one Disqualification due to illegal technology was possible. “You cannot appeal against the decision of the stewards. Sauber received a stop-and-go penalty that was converted into a 30-second time penalty. This is in fact a referee's decision that is awarded during the race, even if it was decided afterwards. If you can complain against it, no one will serve a penalty in the race in the future, but instead let an appeal come down to it. '

FIA chief inspector Garry Connelly refers to the real life:' In principle, everyone can against everyone and everything complain. The question then remains whether the court will even accept the claim. ”Alfa Romeo now has 15 days to substantiate its appeal. Perhaps the Swiss will consider proving a procedural error to the stewards. In the sense that the cars should actually have been taken out of the evaluation if one is of the opinion that the clutch settings do not comply with the technical regulations.

However, the four commissioners from Hockenheim took Article 27.1. of the Sports Act. It says that the driver has to move his car alone and without outside help. They haveinterpreted the clutch engagement as a possible starting aid. Experts believe that the shot can backfire for Alfa Romeo. Accordingly, on September 24th, the appellate court would reject the appeal and possibly increase the sentence should the judge come to the conclusion that the racing team has brought an irrelevant lawsuit.


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