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After start-up failure in Austria: Rosberg help for Hamilton

After starting failure from Austria
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D he GP England has Lewis Hamilton two times lucky and the Winner's cup brought. In the rain in 2008 and in 2014 because Nico Rosberg retired while in the lead. Hamilton expects bitter resistance at the home game this time as well: 'Nico will be strong again here. Ferrari and Williams are still difficult to assess. I expect a tough weekend. If I want to win, I have to improve here, especially in qualifying. '

Silverstone is a special race for all English people. Here, in the cradle of British motorsport, the Union Jacks and not Ferrari flags dominate the grandstand. And most of the drivers live in a separate area in the infield of the route in a trailer park. Hamilton next door to Rosberg. The World Cup runner-up gives a barbecue for team members who work in the background on Thursday evening. Hamilton is also invited. Is he going? 'Of course. Nice of Nico that he invites me. You know, free food tastes best.'

Giving away a victory? Never

Is this the beginning of a new friendship between the two Mercedes drivers? Hamilton won't give a millimeter on the track. When he was asked about Stirling Moss' victory at the 1955 GP in England in a duel with Silver Arrows colleague Juan-Manuel Fangio, Hamilton showed on the one hand a good knowledge of history, on the other hand that today's driver generation ticks very differently than 60 years ago. 'Stirling told me that he was never sure whether Fangio had given him the victory back then. And if he had, he would have been too much of a gentleman to mention it. Would I give away a victory? Never. Not even my brother. '

Hamilton looks back with satisfaction on the first half of the season. Despite the defeat of Spielberg. 'I'm more happy with my performance than in the past. Also with the one in Austria. The start decided everything. Fortunately, Nico simulated my problem during the test in the days that followed. And we came across one thing We could have had problems in the future. '

Rosberg knew nothing of so much brotherly help. As well as? During the Spielberg test, the engineers had instructed him to carry out start exercises as part of the usual test program. In doing so, they wanted to investigate why the speed at Hamilton was so unusually high at the start and not afterregulated down. Apparently they have struck gold. Rosberg carried out the test without realizing that it had solved the riddle of the Hamilton start.


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