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Abu Dhabi Test 1 (photos): Vettel's first day at Ferrari

Abu Dhabi test 1 (photos + result)
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U pdate ++ result ++ new Pictures ++ Even at the start of the short test weeks in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday (25.11.2014) there was a lot to see on the track and in the pit lane. In the morning, the observer's interest was mainly focused on the Ferrari garage. The mechanics and engineers welcomed a special guest: Sebastian Vettel stopped by his new team for an inaugural visit.

Red Bull forbids Vettel first Ferrari test

The four-time world champion, who is still officially under contract with Red Bull until 5 days after the end of the season (November 28, 2014), shook many hands and introduced himself personally to all team members. The Heppenheimer had the test program of the day explained to him by the chief technology officer, Pat Fry. Vettel would have liked to sit in the cockpit of the red car instead of Kimi Raikkonen. But his old employer forbade it.

There were also many new faces to be seen in the other garages. Ex-Caterham driver Marcus Ericsson was in action at Sauber for the first time. Carlos Sainz Jr. was able to show at Red Bull that he deserved the promotion to Toro Rosso driver in 2015. Max Verstappen already has the contract with the small Red Bull team. The Dutchman completed his first full day of testing in a current Formula 1 car on Tuesday. After a few meters, however, the youngster ended up in the gang. A broken suspension caused the take-off.

The photos from the first day of testing in Abu Dhabi

In addition to the new Pirelli tires for 2015, a lot of new technology was of course also tested, as always. The engineers collected important data for the coming season. Many cars moved out in the morning with huge pitot sensors. At McLaren, the first serious test drives with the new Honda engine were on the program. But the V6 engine could not be started for the first time until after noon.

At 3:11 p.m., test driver Stoffel Vandoorne finally went on the installation lap. The Belgian let the car roll over the last few meters to the pit. A sizzling smell in the air indicated something was wrong. The second attempt was not particularly successful either. The McLaren stopped after a few meters and had to be towed. Shortly before the end of the session, Vandoorne completed a third untimed round. Then it was over.

Bottas sets the fastest time of the day

Things went better at Williams. Valtteri Bottas, who had been third in the race two days earlier, set the fastest time in 1: 43.396 minutes. Kimi Raikkonen finished second in the Ferrari half a second behind. Nico Rosberg contented himself with third place. The vice world champion, however, covered the greatest distance with 114 laps. This is probably what is called overcoming frustration.

We have the photos of the first Test tags collected for you in our gallery.


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