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A comparison of the Monza rear wing: what's the difference?

Monza rear wing in comparison
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M onza is the fastest route of the year. Nowhere are the straights as important as in the famous Autodrom. The drivers are at full throttle for 81 percent of the lap. Sergio Perez achieved the greatest top speed in the race with 362.5 km /h. The record marks are only in danger in the thin air of Mexico City.

With Toro Rosso there is a recess in the DRS mechanism so that the large flap can fold up.
Renault has a comparative narrow flap. This increases the DRS effect.

If you operate with a large flap like Red Bull, the upper wing element does not have to rotate around the axis as much Turn to open the gap to the main sheet to 6.5 centimeters. The adjustment mechanism can therefore be weaker. The main leaf has to do less work and is therefore less likely to stall when it is closed.

The main leaf and flap form a harmonious surface on the underside that is not as disturbed when the flap is folded up as with the opposite concept . The small flaps increase the DRS effect, but it is more difficult to bring them back into their normal position.

At the maximum permitted opening of 6.5 centimeters, the flap can overwind and the air flow up the front edge be pressed. Sauber and Renault had bad experiences in training. The higher speed gain is countered by the fact that the downforce is less stableis because the flow on the underside is not as clean as with the Red Bull solution.


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