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300th Grand Prix: Kimi Räikkönen doesn't care about the anniversary

300. Grand Prix
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K imi Räikkönen is simply unique. Instead of cheering himself on for 300 races in Formula 1, the statistics don't really scratch him. “It's just a number,” says the iceman. By the way, experts argue about them. Because Indianapolis is no longer available in 2005, where everyone capitulated after an introductory lap and the Ferrari engine went on strike in Malaysia in 2017, some are also expecting the 298th Grand Prix in Monaco. Rubens Barrichello tops the list with 323 races.

Nothing changes for Kimi

Kimi doesn't care. “It's nothing else than last week or the next race. Of course it's different from the first race, but nothing changes after that. The same calendar every year, some places change. What happens on the track is copy and paste. ”

Even driving the various Formula 1 cars from different eras doesn't make much difference to him. “The driving style hasn't really changed. You go as fast as you can. The rules have changed or there is DRS, but basically everything is the same. ”

No party in Monaco

However, if he looks at Monaco in detail, something occurs to him on. “It's not the same Monaco that I drove when I was here for the first time. The pool curve was tighter, the first curve had the guardrail. The last part has also evolved. Before, you could make a bigger difference as a driver. But it's still the same today: A fast car is in the front and a slow one is not. ”

Who thinks that the Iceman, who is also known as a party fan, would now really celebrate in Monaco, is wrong. On the one hand, he has absolutely no desire for cakes, surprises and the like on the occasion of his 300th Grand Prix. “I've tried to prevent everything, but haven't had any great success,” says the 39-year-old. On the other hand, he doesn't think Monaco is as great as many fans. “As a driver I honestly don't like Monaco, it's even more difficult for mechanics. It's not great to work with, although it's better with the new paddock. It's sure to be great to look at. ”


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