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2019 cars 1.5s slower: Up to 30 percent more DRS effect

2019 cars 1.5s slower
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D he new aero rules for 2019 are through. On race day of the Spanish GP, the FIA ​​wants to discuss the final details with the teams. In order to avoid possible undesirable developments and to plug loopholes. The rules are meant to do what they were written for. Following and overtaking should become easier. Instead, the front wing has become simpler, all attachments to the front brake ventilation disappear, the passage of air through the front axle is prohibited, the rear wing is 10 centimeters wider and 2 centimeters higher.

Front wing costs around 130,000 euros. A medium-sized team needs about 12 of these units per season. The teams estimate that the simpler wing shapes will cut the cost of a wing to 110,000 euros per unit. Together with the elimination of some tools, this would save the teams between 300,000 and 400,000 euros. 'A drop in the bucket with the money we spend,' says a team boss.

And what happens when the rule changes are a shot in the oven? Is there still a possibility of correction? Tombazis regrets: 'The next date would be 2020. But I think we have done enough research to rule out undesirable effects.'


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