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2017 Formula 1 Season: The Tops & amp; The editors fail

Tops & flops of the 2017 Formula 1 season
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A There is no way around Mercedes. Neither for the opponents, nor for us in our annual review. 12 wins, 15 pole positions from 20 races, only one technically caused failure at the Spanish GP, and always the right reaction to defeats like in Monaco or Hungary. The reward is the fourth world title in a row for the drivers and the fourth title in a row in the team world championship. Both again prematurely. Despite major rule reform.

Ferrari and Vettel with an upturn

Lewis Hamilton drove at a top level in the first half of the season. With brokers in Russia and Monaco. He played the team player in Hungary. From the Belgian GP he was unstoppable. Five wins in six races after the summer break gave him his fourth World Championship win. Then Hamilton remained without a win. Free.

The big title duel: Hamilton against Vettel.

Who else convinced us of the 2017 drivers? Sebastian Vettel. Because he got Ferrari back on track. Max Verstappen. Because he defied a number of technical glitches, came out stronger and won two races. Esteban Ocon. Because in his first full season he fought at eye level with Sergio Perez. Fernando Alonso. Because he never gives up, and even in an inferior car he can annoy the drivers in the top cars. Seen at the Mexican GP when he dueled Hamilton within millimeters. Rock-hard, but respectful. Nico Hulkenberg. Because he secured 43 out of 57 World Championship points for Renault.

Which teams, apart from Mercedes, are among our top teams? Ferrari, Force India. In contrast, we have seen the performances of Red Bull, McLaren-Honda, Toro Rosso and Williams as a flop over the year. Why? You can read this in detail in our photo show.

Halo, T-wing, airbox fin: not to our liking. The show before the GP USA: neither. On the other hand, we are happy about the warmth in Formula 1. In the first corner, Kimi Raikkonen was already over in Barcelona. A young boy was crying unrestrainedly in the stands. The Formula 1 management then brought him into the paddock. To his idol. You can't make a fan happier. Well done Liberty Media.


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