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VW Scirocco R in the driving report: Tob-addiction attack with 265 PS

VW Scirocco R in the driving report
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The desert wind rages through the Maritime Alps. It is a special natural spectacle, because the Scirocco usually blows from the Sahara towards the Mediterranean in summer and does not make it to the Côte d’Azur. But this one is different. It has an R in its name, which gives it extra strength. The V W Scirocco R comes with the power of 265 HP and the force of 350 Newton meters.

An electronic cross lock ensures traction in the VW Scirocco R

The well-known two-liter TSI from the VW shelf is responsible for the increase in power, which is pressurized by an exhaust gas turbocharger. A novelty, because until now the Volkswagen R models were on the road with six-cylinder engines. The newest member of the athlete family, which is in the price list from 33,475 euros, is being downsized with a four-cylinder. This narrows the sporting spirit of the VW Scirocco R but in no way a. On the contrary.

It's the beginning of December, the streets around the legendary Col de Turini are soaking wet. Dense fog collects at high altitudes - dog weather. So bad conditions for the serpentine ride with such a powerful front-wheel drive. But the VW Scirocco ( the VW Scirocco in the comparison test ) quickly teaches its driver better. Mainly responsible for the surprisingly high level of traction of the front-wheel drive vehicle is the electronic front axle differential lock XDS, which has recently been published in VW Golf GTI is used. It prevents the front wheels from spinning by means of targeted braking interventions when the 265 horses scratch their hooves wildly under the bonnet, the trainer on the steering wheel gives in to their desire for a quick gallop and lacks the necessary sensitivity in the right foot. Because in view of the good responsiveness of the two-liter TSI, you can lose your temper at the wheel of the Volkswagen.

The Scirocco R should lap the Nordschleife in 8.30 minutes

TheTurbo engine pushes evenly and provides 350 Nm between 2,500 and 5,000 tours. He only knows the good old turbo lag from hearsay. In the version we drive with a manual six-speed gearbox, the most powerful VW Scirocco to date should do the standard sprint to 100 km /h in six seconds. With the optional DSG transmission (1,875 euros), this exercise should even take 5.8 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km /h. The sound that the four-cylinder releases from the two lush tailpipes is definitely goose bumps. The VW Scirocco R should also give you goose bumps on the racetrack. According to VW, it should circle the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring in around 8.30 minutes.

The VW Scirocco converts its power into propulsion

The performance The VW Scirocco R impressively demonstrates the electronic limited slip differential already during the run to the Col de Vence. Despite adverse conditions, the Volkswagen skilfully converts the power into propulsion, without hard braking interventions spoiling the driving pleasure. But physics cannot outsmart the XDS either. The 19-inchers mounted on the test car on the front axle acknowledge all too jovial performance on wet roads with a noticeable slip before the electronic lock takes action again. The influences on the steering are pleasingly low.

The latter should work a little more directly in the VW Scirocco R. The engineers at Volkswagen Individual retained the steering ratio compared to the tamer versions, but provided slightly better feedback around the central position. Unfortunately, they couldn't get to grips with the massive A-pillar. This restricts the driver's field of vision, especially in tight bends, and thus makes it difficult to control the view. The headroom in the rear of the VW Scirocco is also limited. People over 1.75 meters come up against the conceptual limits, i.e. the headliner.

Its adaptive chassis makes the Scirocco R an all-rounder

But it pleases the optional adaptive chassis control DCC (945 euros) built into the test car, also in combination with the mounted 19-inch wheels with a successful mix of sporty hardness and good ride comfort. Even in sport mode, the whirlwind knows how to skilfully parry transverse joints and offers a sufficient level of residual comfort. In the interior, the VW Scirocco R stands out from its weaker brothers with various applications and the blue illuminated hands. The standard sports seats offer good comfort even on longer journeys, and the lateral support is sufficient. Volkswagen Individual also gave the body a decidedly sporty note.

So that the VW Scirocco R not only shines with high driving dynamics, but can also succeed as an economical companion in everyday life, VW has given it as standard equipmenta switching point display. Anyone who strictly adheres to their route should get by with an average of 8.1 liters of Super per 100 kilometers (DSG: 8.0 liters). After our chase through the Maritime Alps, however, the on-board computer ended up with a 14 before the decimal point - after all, the desert wind had to be violent


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