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VW ID.3: What the 1st Edition reveals about the real price

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U m one of a maximum of 30,000 copies of the introductory version ID.3 1st you have to register on a specially set up website and pay a deposit of 1,000 euros. Customers seem to have done that in abundance, because VW has already announced over 10,000 reservations for the ID.3 after just 24 hours and even speaks of temporarily overloaded reservation systems. According to Volkswagen, well over 30,000 ID.3s have now been pre-ordered.

The prices at a glance


Although the ID.3 has now been officially presented, the exact prices are still missing. All signs point to the following pricing: The ID.3 First will cost just less than 40,000 euros , for the cheapest production model are less than 30,000 euros fixed - probably between 29,000 and 29,500 euros. In both cases, of course, as with any e-car, 4,000 euros in funding can be deducted from the net price, so that in the end, including e-car funding, a little more than 25,000 euros as entry price to book.

3 early bird ID.3: 1st, Plus, Max


It is now known that itthe ID.3 1st will also be available in the equipment variants Plus and Max . For this, 45,000 or 48,000 euros are expected. The basic equipment of the ID.3 1sT includes a navigation system, a DAB + digital radio, heated seats and steering wheel, front armrests, a Mode 2 charging cable and 18 inch aluminum rims - comparable to comfort equipment in the compact segment, according to VW.

The ID.3 1st Plus has the following additional equipment as standard: a reversing camera, the automatic distance control ACC and the keyless entry system Kessy Advanced. In the interior, the ID.3 First Plus is also equipped with designer seats, a center console (including 2 USB-C ports at the rear, lockable with a roller blind and illuminated) and ambient light. The exterior includes tinted windows, the exterior style package in silver, LED matrix headlights, matrix stand-brake-indicator-taillights and 19 inch aluminum rims.

In the top version ID .3 1st Max , the augmented reality (AR) head-up display, the 'Beats' sound system, a large panoramic glass roof and 20-inch aluminum wheels are also part of the equipment. There is also a lane departure warning with Emergency Assist, a lane change assistant, convenience telephony with inductive charging, comfort seats, a level loading floor and large 20-inch aluminum rims.

Deliveries will start in summer 2020, until then VW wants registered early bookers continuously inform about the order as well as the production progress and invite you to workshops or possibly to test drives.

Until then, the price gradations for the later series versions (after the 1st edition) remain speculative. The performance levels are likely to cost around EUR 2,000 to EUR 2,500, the equipment variants should also cost around EUR 2,000 to 2,300 each. The larger battery capacity (from 45 to 58 kWh) will probably cost more € 4,000 extra later, the increase from 58 to 77 kWh is larger and could therefore even be in a later price list with around € 5,000.


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