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VW Golf R with 270 PS in the test on the race track in Hockenheim

Rossen Gargolov
VW Golf R with 270 HP in the test on the racetrack
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A even if the basic price of the 270 PS strong VW Golf R is good for the top score of ten points in the sport auto rating, which takes into account the relationship between price and performance - the community of bargain hunters could well fall victim to the spontaneous snap-breath in view of the proud entry-level price in the sporty compact pleasure: The newcomer comes with exactly 36,400 euros for the manual version, around 10,000 euros more expensive than the 210 hp small one Brother named GTI.

Price-performance ratio on a similar level

In view of the fact that there are neither two additional cylinders like for the substantial additional price At the time of the blessed VW Golf R32, there is a strikingly different, spoiler-reinforced appearance, that seems a lot at first. Broken down to the no less lush additional power of a proud 60 hp from an identical 1,984 cm³ displacement, the Lower Saxony calculation is completely in order, as the price-performance ratio of the sport auto rating system proves. The bottom line is that the horsepower in the VW Golf R is not too much more expensive at 135 euros than in the Golf GTI (127 euros /hp). - The ratings can be found in the 'Conclusion' tab at the top of the screen.

The compact top model has all-wheel drive

But enough of the hair splitting: The decision for or against VW Golf R or GTI, due to a strictly specified budget, should either be done by itself anyway, or based on purely objective criteria. After all, the compact top model not only offers significantly more lumbar strength, but also the benefits of all-weather all-wheel drive. For all those who unintentionally fell by the wayside in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or Brandenburg, which is covered in deep snow this year, that could make all the difference.

Two-liter turbo engine from the Audi S3

The sporty hardcore clientele will now object that the drive system with Haldex clutch, which provides higher safety reserves, weighs significantly more heavily and therefore is generally to be despised according to the lean management, which is also extremely popular in sports driver circles. After all, 1,532 kilos of live weight is no small matter. In fact, the extra mass cannot really slow down the VW Golf R. The one that is well known from the Audi S3,The powerful two-liter turbo with gasoline direct injection-fired all-wheel drive is neither exposed in the standard measurement program nor in the hunt for times on the racetrack.

7.2 seconds for the sprint at country road speed like in the manual GTI (here you come to Test VW Golf GTI )? The R can only smile tiredly. It sprays from zero to 100 km /h in 6.0 seconds. 1.19.8 minutes for the 2.6-kilometer overflight of the short course in Hockenheim? This is also a lot faster in the Golf R. Here the all-wheel drive sports model leaves its front-wheel drive brother even more clearly behind with 1.17.0 to 1.19.8 minutes. The secret of the R-Follow lies not only in the increased temperament of the four-cylinder, which is now force-ventilated at 1.2 bar, the vehicle center of gravity lowered by 25 millimeters or the treads that are all around ten millimeters wider on the 235/35 R 19 large Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT for an extra charge -Tires.

Driver assistance systems allow more sportiness

The increased driving dynamics qualities are also and above all due to the greater reluctance of the driver assistance systems. Even in the top model with all-wheel drive, the electronic driving stability program ESP remains in the watch out position even if the driver has expressed his will to self-determination by pressing a button. In contrast to the GTI, however, the threshold above which the system recognizes the need for action is at a level that is acceptable for sporty drivers. Only those who are still on the brakes when turning in will be punished with subtle control interventions from time to time. The fast load does not get much slower - on the contrary.

With the lap times achieved in Hockenheim, the Wolfsburg-based man can even test such established compact sports cars as the Renault Mégane RS (Click here for the test Renault Mégane RS ) or the Ford Focus RS (here you get to the test Ford Focus RS ) run down the rank. The front-wheel drive 250 hp Frenchman loses three tenths of a second, while the 305 hp Ford, which also drives the front wheels, even loses eight on the Golf R. The fact that all-wheel drive does not necessarily slow down is something that the Audi, which is basically the same, with a nominal 265 hp, has already been shown in 2006 S3 proven. Even back then, he conjured up a time of 1.17.5 minutes on the Hockenheimer asphalt on rubbers, which are less dependent on driving dynamics (Conti SportContact 2 in size 225/40 R 18). In this respect, the appearance of the Golf R fits perfectly into the corporate image.

Against this background, we, the newcomer from Volkswagen, daredfor his part, in the 18-meter slalom, a bit more than the S3. The Golf R was definitely unable to prove its capabilities in this discipline within the few days that it spent in the editorial office, namely not. At first the route was occupied, then the weather became permanently bad. In view of the average speed of 67.4 km /h achieved by the group brother in December 2006, a good 68 km /h are likely to be a good 68 km /h in the 180-meter-long pylon lane with the more optimally tyred VW R model. This would put the all-wheel drive top Golf on par with the front-wheel drive Renault Mégane RS, which has been leading in the sporty compact class since the end of last year, and which was able to secure 43 points in the overall sport auto ranking.

The fuel consumption of the 270 PS Golf R is within limits

We will of course submit the actual value for the VW Golf R as soon as possible. The fact that the top Golf offers hardly less comfort than the GTI model, despite all its driving dynamics qualities, is to be credited as a special merit. If you have the 270 hp but don't want to constantly explore the limit, the Golf R is an almost perfect companion for every day. Thanks to the downsizing under the bonnet, fuel consumption is also within reasonable limits compared to the R32. Only bargain hunters could think that it is much cheaper in this performance class.


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