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VW Golf R in the driving report: R32 successor makes a lot of steam

VW Golf R in the driving report
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B lue motion with a difference. If you step on the gas pedal on the VW Golf R, you want to see the blue pointers dancing and not freeze the fuel gauge. The following lines do not focus on ECE and CO2. And 5.5 is not the average consumption per 100 kilometers (with DSG), but the acceleration time to 100 km /h.

VW Golf R has little acoustically to oppose the R32

The VW can do the latter Top the Golf R with its two-liter four-cylinder. The direct injection with turbocharging corresponds to the unit used in the Audi S3 and TTS, which has long been tried and tested (EA 113). In contrast to the regular GTI, under whose hood the relatively new EA 888 blows and whose number combination is considered a lucky number in Chinese mythology. With or without mythology: the two-liter in the VW Golf R develops 270 hp and 350 Newton meters of torque, which it releases like a plateau between 2,500 and 5,000 rpm. Just to dry the tears of the six-cylinder fan club right away. It could stay with the attempt, however, because the TFSI has little to oppose acoustically to the R32 with its deep bassy bubbling plus metallic flashing in higher altitudes.

VW Golf R comes without pseudo-sporty banter

intake system and tailpipe pair escapes relatively mundane four-cylinder hum, and that at a base price of 36,400 euros. If it is even a four-door model with a dual clutch transmission, metallic paint and adaptive damping, the bill will cost over 40,000 euros. It has xenon headlights, 18-inch wheels, automatic air conditioning and a stereo system on board as standard. Not to forget the perfectly supportive, ideally positioned sports seats. No comparison to the armchairs that spoiled the original R32 from 2002. The rest of the VW Golf R interior is just as harmonious as the seating comfort. VW dispenses with pseudo-sporty banter, delivers the familiar easy-to-use controls, high practical benefits and high-quality workmanship.

A touch of the Wörthersee spirit on the VW Golf R exterior

Evil headlights spread outside, Maxi -Grill quartet in front, diffuser hint, roof spoiler and LED taillights a touch of Wörthersee spirit. And the Golf R implements this efficiently when driving. In conjunction with the six-speed dual clutch transmission, it accelerates gently or snappy as desired, accompanied by the rumble of exhausts when shifting. He renounces turbo whistles and power humps, works hardlinear from idle to beyond 6,500 rpm.

Digestible suspension comfort with aggressiveness in the Golf R

And its chassis can forgive. For example, when the pilot slides too high-spirited into the top of the curve. Then the ESP corrects sensitively, even driving the VW Golf R out of understeer with metered brake intervention. When accelerating out, the 1.5-ton truck benefits from all-wheel drive (4Motion), whose Haldex clutch now grabs faster than before. The pre-feed pump ensures spontaneous pressure build-up and does not require a noticeable difference in speed between the front and rear axles in order to react. This means that the Golf R remains neutral even when pulling, sparing the - relatively even - steering from drive influences. In connection with the comfortable coordination of the 25 millimeter lowering chassis and the adaptive damper (option), the Top-Golf combines digestible suspension comfort with aggressiveness.


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