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VW Golf R 20 Years anniversary special model

VW is celebrating the "20 Years Golf R" anniversary with a special model of its sportiest compact. The "20 Years" edition offers more power than the Golf R in its normal state. It is available from 59,995 euros. On the Nordschleife, it takes four seconds off its standard brother.

The evolution in automotive engineering over the past 20 years can be easily understood on the VW Golf R. When the first Golf crowning glory made its debut in 2002, as a representative of the fourth generation with the suffix R32, it featured a 3.2-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine that delivered 241 hp and a maximum of 320 Newton meters and weighed 1,465 kilograms. In its current form, the Golf R has lost displacement and cylinders (keyword: downsizing), but has gained in power and weight: With its 320 hp and a maximum of 420 Newton meters, the two-liter turbo petrol engine has to move a car with a live weight of 1,554 kilograms.

But that's just the data of the mean Standard-R. In the anniversary edition VW Golf R 20 Years, the sports Golf is allowed to increase its performance to celebrate its equally long existence: the four-cylinder ennobles the special model with its 333 hp to the most powerful Golf of all times. But not only the performance value should stimulate the feelings: In the Golf R 20 Years the not exactly neighborhood-friendly Emotion Start function can be operated, which automatically triggers a gas burst up to 2,500 revolutions when the engine is started. In addition, the speed limit in the 20-year-old is 270 km/h as standard.

More spontaneous throttle response, faster on the Nordschleife

It's not the only technical feature of the special model. Because the turbocharger is always kept at speed, i.e. preloaded, even in the partial-load range, and the throttle valve also remains open during overrun phases, the engine should react to accelerator pedal commands with more spontaneous power delivery. If the DSG dual-clutch transmission is operated manually using the shift paddles in modes S or S+, it provides noticeable feedback from the transmission and drive train in the form of a jolt when shifting up. The performance package available for the standard R, which includes torque vectoring in combination with the driving dynamics manager and the two additional driving profiles "Special" and "Drift", is standard on the 20-year special model.,

What brings the whole package in terms of driving dynamics, VW has shown on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The 20-year-old Golf manages the Eifel piste in 7:47.31 minutes, four seconds faster than the normal Golf R.

Of course, Volkswagen has also made visual changes to the Golf R 20-year-old. On the outside, there is a black radiator grille, a roof edge spoiler and blue exterior mirror caps, which are black if customers opt for a "Lapiz Blue" paint finish.Logical, right? When unlocked, the special Golf throws a "20 R" logo on the ground with a light; the number can also be found as an emblem on the B-pillar. There are also blue R logos in several places on the body. The 19-inch rims in Estoril design with high-sheen spokes present the new black/blue color variant on their outer surfaces. Alternatively, the rounds can also be walked to the car in a completely black outfit.

Real carbon in the interior for the first time

The Golf R 20 Years is the first production VW to have decorative inlays made of real carbon on the inside, namely on the dashboard and on the inner door panels. The seats, at the front in a strongly contoured sports version and with air conditioning, have nappa leather covers. The blue R logo can be found on them as well as on the steering wheel and the car key.

The VW Golf R 20 Years has been rolling to dealerships in Europe, North America and other international markets since mid-2022. However, they will only offer it for about a year before the special model disappears from the portfolio again. This exclusivity is primarily intended to encourage collectors to make a purchase. Anyone who would like to have one of these can now take action, i.e. place an order. Prices for the special Golf start at 59,995 euros. Here, too, the 20 Years should be above all Golf models.


VW celebrates the debut of the VW Golf R32 in the summer of 2002 with a special model. The new Golf R 20 Years should look and drive more emotionally and also arouse desire through exclusivity: it will only be sold for about a year. If you want one, you have to invest around 60,000 euros.


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