VW Golf GTD (2021) in the test

Hardly any other compact car is available with as many different drive variants as the bestseller from Wolfsburg - for example as a diesel with 200 hp. Test.

Did VW understate it? 147 kW or 200 hp are in the papers for the most powerful production diesel engine in the Golf to date. While the GTD is running at full throttle on unrestricted and free autobahns towards its top speed – officially 245 km/h – the digital power display, which can be displayed in the rev counter, only stops at 150 kW. But whether it is with 200 or 204 hp or measured 6.7 seconds for the sprint to 100 km/h - the GTD is nimble and powerful, but when it comes to the regular table values ​​​​for the sporty Golfers, the petrol engines GTI, Clubsport and R still set the tone .

But not with what is much more important on this side of closed routes. For example the maximum torque: With 400 Nm it is easily on par here, and since the force already unfolds fully at 1,750 rpm, the GTD pushes effortlessly through traffic. The well-known seven-speed dual-clutch transmission takes care of the gear changes as standard and unobtrusively. The unobtrusive electronic control systems ensure that the front wheels are not overstrained, even when you step on the gas pedal – without filtering out too much power. Hardly any drive influences get through to the driver, and the sensitive and precise progressive steering also keeps bumps at bay.

But the rest also fits the dynamics of the GTD: strong and comfortable sports seats, agile sports chassis, powerful brakes - the top diesel stops after 34 meters from 100 km/h and after 57 meters from 130 km/h. Two SCR catalytic converters connected in series reduce nitrogen oxides with double AdBlue injection, even under high loads.

Very fast, very economical

Also good for your conscience: Despite the lively driving performance that is often requested, the GTD remains very economical, and in the test it was content with just 5.8 liters per 100 km. With a tank capacity of 50 litres, this is theoretically enough for 862 km – off to the long haul. But first select the Comfort driving mode. This switches off the artificially generated, dull thumping of the diesel, and the adaptive dampers (1,045 euros) make the GTD spring more binding, as long as it is not too fast on the freeway.

Otherwise, the GTD is also a typical Golf, with all its strengths (economy of space) and weaknesses (operation in the digital cockpit). With prices starting at 38,865 euros, it is not a bargain despite extensive standard equipment - but it is also only 430 euros more expensive than a GTI with DSG.


The combination of a compact car and powerful diesel has lost none of its appeal - especially when it's as frugal as the GTD.


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