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VW Golf 7 GTI from Khyzyl Saleem: Tuning monster with 5 doors

the_kyza /Instagram
VW Golf 7 GTI by Khyzyl Saleem
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' Anyone can do three-door cars. I want to pimp a five-door car ', the designer Khyzyl has obviously said Saleem thought and presented his interpretation of a VW Golf 7 GTI on Instagram. V or he recently drew so much attention to himself with a Golf 2 GTI design that Jean-Pierre Kraemer felt compelled to turn the computer drawing into reality. The project is still ongoing. It remains to be seen whether a tuner can also be found for the latest creation. Until then, the fans of the_kyza, as he calls himself on Instagram, have to be content with the animations.

At first glance, you can see a fully encased Golf with five doors. Like his Golf 2, the sevens is so deep on the ground that a normal drive would be unthinkable. The rear diffuser and the two exhaust tailpipes look downright martial in combination with the rear window slats and the huge roof spoiler. There are also the two rear lights, which can only be recognized as light strips, and a small, vertical third brake light, the second part of which can be seen below the license plate.

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'sChPoiLEr AlErT !!!' ?. The alternative version of my @lto_livetooffend MK7 kit, I chose a 5-door because I wanted to challenge myself in terms of modeling when it came to the rear doors. Just trying to push ideas and experiment hence the wacky spoiler, the joy of being an artist ?. - - It's wild, OTT & amp; pretty bonkers. Made my day yesterday to see so many people say they'd stick a rotor into the back of this aha! Love it or hate it. - - #art #design # 3d #volkswagen #golf # mk7 #gti #lto #livetooffend #blacklist #carlifestyle #speedhunters #topgear #donutmedia #khyzylsaleem #kyza #ks #softwareusedisinmybioulazyasses

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Headlights are overrated

At the front, the light design is repeated in the form of a continuous band over the entire width of the front. GTI fans will immediately recognize that it is the typical GTI red band, which was obviously illuminated in this example. Whether the headlights fold out from under the white panels or maybe even shine through is not clear from the pictures. It is more likely that the GTI did not get any headlights at all. Stickers are enough, as Nascar cars prove.

In addition to the many front splinters, the massive air inlet in the front hood is noticeable. It is not clear whether it is a hood. The designer raves about the ideas of his commentators, who would like to see an engine in the rear - as he did with the Golf 2 GTI.


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