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VW advertising in the USA: manual switch as an anti-theft device

VW advertising in the USA
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D he Jetta is one of the most successful VW models in the USA. Its sportiest offshoot is the Jetta GLI, which has practically the same cult status as the Golf GTI in this country. The latest edition is available with a seven-speed DSG or a manual six-speed gearbox, which is intended to bring out the sporty side of the GLI in particular.

But the manual gearbox should not only make the Jetta GLI sportier, but also anti-theft make - at least that's what VW suggests in its latest advertising campaign for the sedan. Two young men drive through the big city at night and then park the GLI on the side of the road. After getting out, the copilot asks the driver in a similar manner: “Don't you want to lock your car?” No, he replies, it is a hand switch. 'Are you sure', asks the other.

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VW is clearly playing with the prejudice that the majority of American drivers cannot cope with a hand switch and the three pedals that go with it. Yes, there are always documented cases in which US car thieves fail to operate the manual transmission. But professionals don't let that stop them either. In the videotext, VW then also points out that the vehicle should always be locked. Always!

There is one more aspect of the advertising strip that makes you smile. The GLI, which is also equipped with the well-known two-liter TFSI four-cylinder in the USA, was given a fat V8 sound.


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