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Volvo V40 from 2021: successor will be the SUV coupé

Volvo V40 from 2021
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'We will need a different body shape in the 40 series in the next two to three years,' he said. Therefore, the decision was made to be a little more creative and 'not to replace the V40 directly'. The new V40 should have a higher ground clearance and enable easier entry and exit, according to the Volvo manager. In addition, this body shape with more ground clearance allows more space for electrification.

V40 is still based on Ford platform

The Volvo V40 is currently the only model from Sweden that is not based on the current ones SPA and CMA platforms, but builds on the Ford Global-C platform from 2003. Kerssenmarkers confirmed that Volvo is currently working on the new design and that elements of the current series will be found in the new V40. When the CMA platform was presented a few years ago, Volvo hinted at the body of the upcoming Volvo V40.

The successor to the V40 is likely to be based on Volvo's CMA platform. The Volvo XC40 already uses this base, but also the Geely FY11, which will be launched in China in 2019, and the Lynk & Co 05. Both models, Geely is the parent company of Volvo, Lynk & Co is a Geely brand, are designed as SUV coupés . The Geely measures 4.60 meters in length, is 1.88 meters wide and comes to a height of 1.64 meters. The current V40 is only slightly smaller (4.37 m length, 1.86 m width and 1.42 m height).


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