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Vanwall Vanderwell S: 580 hp in an electric compact

The revived Vanwall brand is launching the Vanderwell, an electric sports crossover in two versions.

Vanwall – only absolute connoisseurs should knowingly nod at this name. In the 1950s, Vanwall was a British racing team that was even able to win the first constructors' title in Formula 1 in 1958.

Hypercar for WEC, more compact for the road

Under ex-Formula 1 team boss Colin Kolles, the company is currently working on a comeback in Greding, Bavaria, although the naming rights are still being disputed with the British Vanwall Group. With the Hypercar Vanwall Vandervell 680, the car manufacturer has already secured a starting place in the WEC 2023 and thus also in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A road version of the long-distance racer is also planned.

However, Vanwall made its debut on the road with the Vanderwell S, presented in January 2023. This is a four-door compact model with hatchback and hatchback. The new Vanwall Vandervell should come in two variants. For the S version, the manufacturer calls 320 hp, a zero-to-100 sprint time of 4.9 seconds, a top speed of 185 km/h and a range of up to 450 kilometers. The Vanderwell S Plus really gets down to business. Here, 580 electric horsepower tear at the passengers. From a standstill to 100 km/h it takes 3.4 seconds and the top speed is only 265 km/h. The range should still be up to 420 kilometers. Incidentally, all-wheel drive is standard equipment in every Vanderwell.

Angular sports design

The appearance of the Vanderwell relies on an aggressively drawn design and numerous aerodynamic details. The sporty look is underlined by a large front splitter, which is shaped like the side skirts and the rear spoiler from carbon fiber. The front end adopts geometric lines with an aggressive fender shape and a bumper that houses the large air intake of the cooling system. There are also two side openings that open into the fenders. The slim and dynamic side profile is characterized by a wide incision. The rear integrates a spoiler above the rear window. Wide tires on 22-inch rims ensure full road contact. The classic green is reminiscent of the English origins of the Vanwall brand.

The interior, of which there are no pictures yet, relies on a driver's position derived from motorsport with excellent ergonomics. Leather and visible carbon surfaces create a luxuriously sporty ambience.

Vanwall emphasizes the lightweight construction of the Vanderwell, but so far has not given any information on the weight or weight distribution.

Rich basic price

The Vanderwell S and the Vanderwell S Plus will be sold directly via delivery partners and will be delivered from the third quarter of 2023. Only 500 copies of the S Plus will be made. The Vanwall is manufactured at the Greding site. The manufacturer quotes 128,000 euros as the basic price, whereby VAT has to be added here. For the German market, we land at 152,320 euros - for an electrically powered compact model. But the Vanderwell can also be ordered in any body color and also combined with five different equipment variants. If you don't find what you're looking for, there are additional Taylor-made options to choose from.

The Vanderwell is fully street legal and comes with a two-year quality and service guarantee. ,


A compact car with up to 580 hp and electric all-wheel drive shoots out of nowhere from Greding in Bavaria. The Vanderwell will start in the third quarter of 2023 with prices starting at around 152,000 euros.


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