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Used mid-range station wagons under 15,000 euros: Ford Mondeo and 5 alternatives

Dino Eisele
Used mid-range station wagons under 15,000 euros
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E one of the great strengths of the current Ford Mondeo (also called Mondeo 07) is the space available. Especially as a station wagon it offers a lot of storage space - with a length of 4.86 meters it exceeds most of its competitors. The third generation has been on the market since 2007, and at the end of 2010 there was a visual and technical facelift.

Online service for the Ford Mondeo

The issue of rust has almost been a bad tradition with the Ford Mondeo. During the assessment, prospective buyers should inspect all the lower edges of the door and the sills, especially on early models. On the other hand, the Ford emblems that fade early on are only a visual flaw - in some cases they can be exchanged at an authorized dealer. Asking nicely helps, because the worn sign tarnishes the overall picture.

The manufacturer has a great offer with its online portal www.etis.ford.com under the heading Ford Service: Owners or potential buyers can use the chassis number (VIN) to find out about current product recalls or upcoming maintenance . With an internet-enabled cell phone, this is very easy, even if you are already standing in front of the car.

If you cannot use this option, you should definitely note the production date from March 25th to December 27th, 2010. Mondeo models built in Genk, Belgium during this period were asked to go to the workshops in 2011 because the body control unit was faulty. As a result, the light switched itself on and off and the battery was empty at the end. In addition, the engine control units had to be reprogrammed on the two-liter diesel. A defect in the interior monitoring sensor in the trunk is known only in combination models from the early years of construction. If the vehicle is affected by this defect, improvements will be made on goodwill.

Ford Mondeo front axle with increased wear

Checking the front axle is not that easy. A premature wear of the tie rod ends and ball joints is typical of the moon. The wheel bearings are often not spared either - when cornering, wear can be recognized by a hitch.

There can also be noises on the seat frames. The noticeable cracking is no reason to cross the Ford from the wish list, because it can be fixed with a little grease. Only with skill is itReplacing the lamps is unfortunately not done - the entire headlight has to be removed to replace the bulb. Not a nice solution for the otherwise so practical and solid Ford Mondeo.

You can find the Mondeo and five alternatives in the photo show.


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