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Used cars Seat León in the defect report

Seat León used cars in the defect report
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S Sporty, dynamic and youthful: This is how you see the role of the Spanish subsidiary Seat in the Volkswagen Group. Indeed, the León Golf sister model has a more extravagant styling than its German relative. The generation introduced in 2005 on the Golf V platform was not a great success as a new car.

As a used car, the León is worth considering

Ob that is due to the lack of image or the fashionable sheet metal dress is an open question. As a used car, the León is definitely a consideration value. Finally, it offers the tried and tested Golf technology including standard ESP for less money. The focus of buyers' interest with León and his brother, who has been built since 2004, is Toledo the 1.6-liter petrol engine (102 hp). Models of the first year of construction can be found from around 8,000 euros, which makes them at least 1,000 euros cheaper than a comparable Golf.

For the diesel models, the 1.9-liter version with 105 hp is particularly popular. For younger used cars, variants with the 125 hp, economical 1.4 TSI petrol engine, which has been on the market since the beginning of 2008, are worth considering. The optically well camouflaged handle of the rear doors underlines the coupé-like character of the León. The chic look is a little at the expense of the space: The steeply sloping roofline significantly restricts the headroom of the passengers at the rear.

The Toledo is difficult to get as a used vehicle in Germany

Underline the chassis, handling and engines with performance values ​​of up to 240 hp in the 2.0 TFSI the dynamic demands of the Spaniard. Its brother Seat Toledo offers more utility. The idiosyncratic rear section with a short step and a large luggage compartment lid offers at least 500 liters of cargo space and can thus compete with a Golf Variant (505 liters). The bench, which can be moved lengthways, provides additional variability in the van-like Toledo. Compared to the León, the Toledo has to make do with a smaller range of engines: there is a choice of three petrol and two diesels. The latter are basically equipped with a soot particle filter in the new generation. Despite hisQuality is the Toledo used in Germany but difficult to get.


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