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Used cars BMW 5 Series in the deficiency report: Used cars in all price ranges

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Defects report for used BMW 5 Series
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D ie technically completely revised sedans and The Touring station wagon variant, which was subsequently submitted in 2004, fulfilled expectations and was able to surpass its highly praised predecessor. They are even more spacious, safer to drive and also more manageable due to the active steering, which is subject to a surcharge, but takes some getting used to.

That the current BMW 5 Series was able to establish itself well in the upper middle class right from the start, today ensures a wide range of used vehicles in all price ranges. The wide range of engines with four, six, eight and ten-cylinder engines and a power range between 163 hp (520d) and 507 hp in the top-of-the-range BMW M5 proved to be an essential guarantee of success.

For example, a BMW 520i sedan, built in 2005 with 170 hp, is now being traded for less than 15,000 euros, while the prices for a corresponding touring model are around 1,000 euros higher, but are approaching according to BMW dealers more and more. That in the past over 80 percent of all BMW 5er buyers have opted for types with a diesel engine, there is a wide range of 520d, 525d, 530d and 535d models in the second-hand trade. For both diesel and gasoline engines, it can be said that due to the sophistication of the engines, which were often used in the previous model, regularly serviced and cared for limousines and station wagons with a mileage of more than 100,000 kilometers are by no means risky to take.

So the BMW 5 Series, which was replaced in 2003, is still worth considering. This applies in particular to the mature models after the facelift in autumn 2000. Also not to be dismissed out of hand: They are even better off when it comes to driving comfort than the successor.


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