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Used cars Audi A6 in the deficiency report - older models susceptible

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Used vehicle Audi A6 in the deficiency report
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The high quality level seems to have got around, because used ones are cheap Audi A6 models not. But not unattainably expensive either. Cars built in 2005 and later with less than 100,000 km mileage are offered for less than 14,000 euros. By way of comparison: many of the four-year-old vehicles once cost more than 40,000 euros. One reason for the rapid drop in prices, especially for high-powered models, is the large number of company cars that come onto the used car market after three years of leasing. There is currently an oversupply here. This means that for a used A udi A6 with three-liter TDI and full equipment only has to pay 2,000 to 3,000 euros more than for a 1.9-liter TDI or two-liter TFSI with a few extras.

The phenomenon also affects the price difference between diesel and petrol. Since company cars are usually ordered as diesel by frequent drivers, but private customers on the used car market are often looking for gasoline models, gasoline models tend to be traded slightly higher than diesel. The traditional combination surcharge, on the other hand, is low. Almost as many limousines are offered used as Avant.

In contrast to the current Audi A6, the quality level of the previous model is rather modest. Although the old Audi A6 are much cheaper with prices well below 10,000 euros, they also bother their owners with numerous problems, such as defective fuel and injection systems. The list of malfunctions also included failed instruments and defective wheel bearings. In addition, three product recalls were necessary in which tie rods and brake linings had to be replaced early. So better invest more and go to the current Audi A6 grab.


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