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Used cars Audi A4 in the deficiency report: Audi A4 - middle class with high quality

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Used vehicle Audi A4 in deficiency report
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Even for vehicles that have run up to 100,000 kilometers, the defect rate only rises to 4.6 percent - the average value of all vehicles in this class is still 8.6 percent. It is the second generation of the middle class Audi , which fully convinced by the end of 2007 when it comes to quality and reliability. This was not the case with the predecessor, which was sold until 2000. Worn tie rods and defective drive shafts, for example, were considered problems with the type internally named B5. From the end of 2000, however, the type B6, sunshine fell on the proper Ingolstadt. An endurance test in auto motor und sport at the end of 2003 also showed that the A udi A4 as a benchmark in its class in terms of workmanship and material quality. Thanks to the fully galvanized body, rust is no longer an issue.

The Avant versions are particularly interesting on the used car market. Station wagons with a lot of cargo space are not, but they are practical enough for most tasks - and with the economical TDI engines they are very popular. Incidentally, from 2005 the diesels can be equipped with a particulate filter (initially as an extra). When it comes to safety, the Audi A4 are always at the forefront. Airbags at the front and ABS were standard on board as early as 1994 in the first generation. From 1997 there were sidebags and from 1999 head airbags as an option. ESP was a series from 2001. The third Audi A4 generation, which has been in service since 2007, is, according to Dekra's assessment, in the good tradition of its predecessor and causes almost no problems.


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