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Used car Renault Laguna: middle class French

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W he is looking for a solid Renault Laguna , better steer clear of older models. Some things only succeed on the third attempt. Example Renault Laguna. Only the third generation introduced in autumn 2007 offers a convincing quality impression. With the predecessor (from 2001), according to the Dekra defect report, worn-out support and guide joints, worn brake discs and extensive electronic problems were the order of the day.

The electronics in particular caused annoyance among the driver with its quirks: The keyless go system is happy to refuse access despite the chip card. The Renault Laguna with mishaps.

The largest offer can be found in the estate version Grandtour

After all, the French reacted already during the construction of the Laguna II: models from Facelift 2005 turned out to be less problem-prone compared to older models. If you are looking for a reliable Laguna, you should therefore prefer the last years of the second generation. Around two thirds of the offer is made up of the Grandtour station wagon version. Thanks to the standard particulate filter, models with the popular 1.9-liter diesel (110 or 130 hp) have been fit for the green environmental badge since 2005. Early facelifts with around 80,000 kilometers can be found from around 9,000 euros.

Gasoline engines are less in demand, mainly the two-liter variant is found

Gasoline engines are less in demand, the offer mainly consists of the two-liter variant (135 hp). If it is to be the successor with two-liter diesel (150 PS), you have to calculate at least 14,000 euros. A good two years after the introduction of the third generation, only a few leasing returns have come onto the used market as replenishment. In addition to the better processing quality, the current model is supported by the fact that the diesel engines have a timing chain instead of a toothed belt. This eliminates the need to replace the vehicle, which costs around 550 euros, after five years or 120,000 kilometers. Here, too, gasoline-powered vehicles are a marginal phenomenon. The offer consists mainly of theTwo-liter turbo models with 170 hp.


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