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Used car Opel Vectra in the deficiency report: Insider tip for bargain hunters

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Defects report for used Opel Vectra
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Around two thirds of the models are equipped with a diesel engine, the cheaper ones mostly with the 2.2 liter -Turbo that does not yet have common rail injection. Also with the O pel Vectra is sportier. The initially 255, later 280 HP strong OPC is used from around 16,000 euros and is therefore clearly out of the ordinary in terms of price. Alternatively, there is the 3.2-liter six-cylinder with 211 hp. It usually costs only marginally more than the more popular strong diesel or gasoline engines.

For the low used car prices of the mostly well-motorized and also lavishly equipped Opel Vectra there is actually no rational reason. From a purely technical point of view, the Opel Vectra is not a model student, but it is qualitatively better than many a competitor in this class. In the investigations by Dekra, defects only occurred more frequently in two assemblies than the average for the vehicle segment. The big problem with the Opel Vectra was already before the model change to the new Opel Insignia its rather plain design and the solidly processed, but not exactly elegant interior.

If that doesn't bother you, the Opel Vectra Caravan and Opel Signum in particular get a car with a lush Space that, thanks to the extended wheelbase with a maximum loading volume of 1,850 liters, leaves nothing to be desired even when visiting the hardware store on Saturdays. The mid-range model is not a particularly dynamic driving candidate, but the handling is satisfactory. The technical brother of the Opel Vectra, the Opel Signum . In terms of price, the two models hardly differ on the used car market. Here only the taste decides.


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