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Used car Mercedes E-Class in the defect report

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Used vehicle Mercedes E-Class in the defect report
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With the W211 series, which started in 2002, it was the electronically controlled braking system that caused problems. This got M ercedes with new software that was installed from 2004. With the major model update in 2006, the technology disappeared in favor of a conventional system, whose performance has now surpassed the electronic version. With the revision, some engines were also modified. For example, the performance of the basic petrol rose from 163 to 184 hp, which even the very spacious Mercedes T-model with a full load is sufficiently spirited and economical. Today a Mercedes E 200 T compressor is available for around 20,000 euros at an authorized dealer, the mileage is then around 100,000 kilometers.

Most of the first time buyers ordered the recommendable five-speed automatic transmission. The standard equipment of the W211 included numerous items such as automatic air conditioning, alloy wheels and four electric windows, not to mention the numerous safety features. Because of this, however, the scope of the possible special equipment did not decrease. The engine range is just as confusing. If you value the drive comfort of six cylinders, you should grab the Mercedes E 320 right away, as the Mercedes E 240 cannot do anything better than the turbocharged four-cylinder.

The Mercedes E 500 with seven-speed automatic is the absolute luxury of drive, ignoring the angry AMG models. Among the popular diesel engines, the four-cylinder deserves a purchase recommendation, especially the late 170-hp version that replaced the five-cylinder Mercedes E 270 CDI. Regardless of the engine, they all offer Mercedes E-Classes A high level of driving comfort and generous space - that was no different with the W123.


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