Used car Lexus GS: the defect model boy

Used Lexus GS in the defect report
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For a long time, the formula for sales success in the middle class was clear: large-volume Diesel station wagons set the tone. The sales figures of Audi A6 , BMW F├╝nfer and Mercedes E class speak a clear language. Lexus had a hard time in this environment in the past due to the lack of diesel or station wagons.

The Lexus GS scores above all with its economical drive

Toyota - To disperse the subsidiary with an extensive free used car guarantee: After all, the manufacturer guarantees three years with unlimited mileage for second-hand models from the authorized dealer. With 345 hp from a six-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor, the GS 450h is almost as powerful as the top model GS 460 (347 hp) with V8 introduced in 2008 and significantly more powerful than its predecessor, the GS 430 (283 hp), which was built from 2005 to 2008.

The hybrid is already outstripping the eight-cylinder in buyer favor

So it is hardly surprising that the hybrid is in buyer favor with the cultivated eight-cylinder takes place, especially since it is considerably more economical with an average consumption of around ten liters /100 km and CO2 emissions of 186 g /km. Used hybrid sedans with a mileage of around 100,000 kilometers can hardly be found under 30,000 euros. They are therefore at a similar price level as comparably equipped and powerful Mercedes E 500 sedanssimilar age.

The V8 variant, which is around 3,000 euros cheaper, is only a side effect with a market share of around ten percent. The cheapest entry into the middle Lexus series offers the GS 300 with 249 hp and cultivated three-liter six-cylinder. From around 25,000 euros you can find models of the current generation (since 2005).


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